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 Don’t Pay UK
Photograph: Don’t Pay UK

Don’t Pay UK: the campaign urging millions not to pay their energy bills this winter

Average annual bills are set to increase to £3,800 by the start of 2023

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson
Ellie Muir

Whether you’re old enough to remember it or not, you may well have heard about the time more than 17 million people refused to pay the Poll Tax in 1989 under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership. This would later lead to the reversal of the divisive tax, and was a rare example of public protest having real political impact. Now it seems something similar could happen in 2022. 

Things right now are eerily similar to the late 1980s. That decade began with a fuel crisis, a cost-of-living crisis and major economic discontent. This year, it is predicted that many households in the UK will see an increase of nearly £1,800 to their annual energy bill from October (following an earlier rise of around £700 in April). Enter the Don’t Pay UK campaign: a movement fighting for those who may well struggle to heat their homes this winter.

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