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Cherry blossom trees in London, Alexandra Park
Photograph: Shutterstock

Here’s why this year’s cherry blossom season in the UK could be bigger than ever

Spring is going to hit cherry trees in a big way

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

Winter is depressing. Nothing kills your mood like oppressive grey blankets of cloud every day for three months. The days are dark and then they get darker at 5pm and everything is miserable. But all hope is not lost! Those who keep up with Punxsutawney Phil, the official arbiter of springtime, will know that this winter is drawing to an early close this year. And the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has said this spring will be one for the books.

According to the RHS, the blossom levels of trees, shrubs, and bushes are going to be off the charts this March and April. Like, serious levels of blooming – the RHS predicts that the plants will be ‘laden’ with the stuff. Yes, this is something they monitor, and no, it isn’t weird that it brings a tear to your eye.

Last year’s wet summer may have been a pain for us humans, but for plants coming into bud it was an absolute dream. Warm temperatures combined with those July showers means pretty flowers are coming to a tree near you in the coming weeks. It also means that flowers like daffodils, crocuses, and ironically, snowdrops, will begin rearing their heads sooner than usual.

In other words; life is going to stop being so grey all the time very soon. All of this at a time when hedgehogs are making a comeback must be a sign that the 2020 curse is lifted. Things are going to get better. 

So next time you feel like complaining about the weather, take a moment and think. You might be moaning about peak blossom-forming conditions. Think of the cherry trees, would you!

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