It’s official: Sephora is coming to the UK

Makeup lovers are about to have their moment

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It’s always exciting when something big comes to the UK. Do you remember when Taco Bell opened, and you finally got to sample the crunchwrap supreme? Amazing times. Well, we’ve got more good news – another big dog from overseas is about to open a UK branch, and it’s a little more exciting than tacos.

Beauty brand Sephora is coming to the UK, both online and IRL. No more wishing you could get your hands on that luxury goodness – it’s time to nab your own.

This has been in the works for years, but in June 2021 Sephora bought FeelUnique (a UK beauty retailer) and the rumours were finally confirmed. Cosmopolitan magazine confirmed it was invited to a secret trip to Sephora HQ in Paris last year for a top-secret meeting about it. Exciting stuff.

But superfans will know this isn’t the first time Sephora has dipped its toe into the UK market. Pre-noughties, the luxury brand had a few stores for us Brits, but they all ended up closing down. And for some ungodly reason we didn’t get to order online either.

In ten days’ time (from October 17), will launch online, but you’re going to have to wait for the official in-person store, which won’t open until Spring 2023. But don’t panic, there’s a pop-up on October 20 at One Marylebone in London, which is totally free to visit but ticketed. Oh, but you can’t actually buy anything from it.

So, for those who like the finer things in life, your day has finally come. Better write up those Christmas lists before October 17 – there’s no more excuses for your significant other not to get you your dream gift from Sephora. We don’t make the rules.

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