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Jamie Laing in Hammersmith
Photograph: Jamie Laing/Time Out

Jamie Laing’s favourite city in the world (that isn’t London)

The former ‘Made in Chelsea‘ star-turned Radio 1 DJ is all about one place in particular

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Time Out London editors

Jamie Laing was once merely a guy (albeit a very nice guy) who used to be on ‘Made in Chelsea’. Then, in 2012 he struck out and created the Candy Kittens sweet brand, becoming a full-blown, successful businessman in the process. Since then he’s done a lot of podcasts and, this month, nabbed himself a presenting job on Radio 1’s drive time show, Going Home.

But when the man himself is doing the opposite of going home (aka going abroad) where does he like the most?

‘I love Amsterdam,’ he says on this week’s episode of Time Out’s podcast. ‘I love that everyone's on bikes. And the food there is phenomenal.’

Amsterdam has recently cracked down on what the Dutch government considers unruly tourists, with a ban on cruise ships, a restrictions on weedincreased tourist taxes. They also introduced the ‘stay away’ and ‘renew your view’ campaigns.

‘If you pick good restaurants in Amsterdam you are going to be blown away,’ Laing continues. ‘Look at the top 100 restaurants in the world a lot of them are in Amsterdam. It’s outrageous. The butter there is phenomenal, it’s just a 45-minute flight to London, the people are amazing, there are nice canals, it’s beautiful. Just an amazing place. I could definitely live there.’

Want to hear Jamie chat about his love of Hammersmith while giving Time Out a guided tour of his favourite spots? Have a listen to this week’s episode of ‘Love Thy Neighbourhood’.

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