John Lennon’s family home is on sale and it’s cheaper than you’d think

Cheaper by London standards, at least

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Faima Bakar
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How much do you reckon a die-hard Beatles fan would fork out to live in the place the band first jammed? Probably a pretty penny. But if you’re trying to buy John Lennon’s family home, don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as one might imagine (that’s if you’re disenfranchised by London prices). 

The semi-detached property owned and occupied by his mother Julia in Liverpool is now up for sale. Lennon didn’t live in the three-bedroom house (instead moving in with his aunt Mimi), but he and young pal Sir Paul McCartney still hung out there. And now it’s up for auction, to the sum of £250,000.

Lennon and McCartney began practising in the house on Blomfield Road as part of their initial band The Quarrymen. The auction house said the home would be frequented by Lennon often, as well as the bandmates, who all scrambled to fit in during rehearsals, according to Lennon’s sister Julia Baird, who lived there.

In her book ‘Imagine This’, Baird wrote: ‘The bathroom in our little house in Blomfield Road was probably one of the smallest in Britain... to see John, Paul, George, Pete Shotton, Ivan Vaughan, my mother and probably a couple of hangers-on scrambling around inside, trying to find a place to sit, was like a comedy act.’

The online-only auction will end on September 26 at 7pm. You can find out more here.

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