Kate Middleton was spotted at a legendary UK electronic music festival last weekend

It’s not every day you see a royal at a rave, that’s for sure.

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Kate Middleton, UK
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It may seem like the royal lifestyle is just one official engagement to the next, but they do get a bit of time to chill out and do their own thing. Check last weekend, for instance, when Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales was reportedly spotted letting loose (kinda) at a rave. After all, it’s called having a ‘royal good time’ for a reason. 

Needless to say, Kate surprised plenty of partygoers by turning up at Houghton Festival, electronic music mecca and mainstay on the UK festival circuit. According to sources, Kate reportedly showed up with a large security team and had a spicy margarita or two as she spoke with other members of her party. There was also apparently a very, very large tip involved. 

Houghton, for those not in-the-know, is an all-hours electronic music rave that goes on for four straight days. This year’s edition featured a banging line-up including the likes of Ben UFO, Batu, Danielle and Helena Hauff, with over 200 artists in total. It’s usually attended by lads clad in bucket hats and cross-body bags.

It’s not every day you hear the words ‘Kate Middleton’ and ‘rave’ in the same breath, but there’s a pretty simple explanation. Her Royal Highness was suggested to attend the festival after dinner at the royal-owned Houghton Hall with the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley. All of which sounds a lot more conventionally royal.

Being a pianist and a huge supporter of the arts, it’s perhaps not that surprising for Kate to also have a keen interest in electronic music. Maybe one day we’ll have a raving Queen, eh? 

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