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Revealed: the UK city with the cheapest pints

Shock horror, it’s not London

Amy Houghton
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Amy Houghton

In the unlikely event that you need an excuse to conclude this week with a trip to the pub, today (August 4) is International Beer Day. In other words, it would simply be rude not to head down for a pint or two. 

But right now, the price of a pint is enough to make anyone wince. These days pub-goers in London struggle to find a lager for less than £6, while cities like Brighton, Belfast and Edinburgh aren’t much better.

However, you’ll be relieved to know that not all places serve drinks that break the bank. Hospitality experts at Accor used data from the cost of living calculators Expatistan and Numbeo to reveal the UK cities with the cheapest pints. 

Not at all surprisingly, for the UK’s cheapest pints you’ll have to head north. Kingston upon Hull and Aberdeen were named the places with the country’s most affordable beer, with pints priced at an average of £3.33 and £3.44 respectively. 

Need to know where else to find ales at a nice price? These are the ten UK cities where you can buy the cheapest pints. 

  1. Kingston upon Hull, £3.33
  2. Aberdeen, £3.44 
  3. Coventry, £3.79 
  4. Dundee, £3.85 
  5. Cardiff, £3.97 
  6. Birmingham, £4.03 
  7. Plymouth, £4.15 
  8. Sheffield, £4.22 
  9. Newcastle upon Tyne, £4.22 
  10. Nottingham, £4.26 

So plan your weekend accordingly! 

Did you see that this ‘pink’ beach in the UK has been named one of the best in the world?

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