The UK could be in for the wettest summer in 100 years

Hopefully current long-range Met Office weather forecasts aren’t accurate, eh?

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We’ve all been dreaming about it. The long days tanning in beer gardens and enjoying disposable barbeques in the park. It brings us no pleasure to be the bearer of bad news, but it is our unfortunate duty to inform you that those dreams may just be that – dreams.

According to a briefing (revealed by LBC) from the Met Office to the government, we could be in for the wettest summer since the Titanic sank. The Met Office estimates there could be as many as 50 wet days over the course of the next three months, which is just under two days out of every three. Last year there were 40 days of rain, and in 1912, the dreariest summer we have on record, there were 55 rainy days. 

A ‘wet day’ is defined as one where more than 2.5mm of rain falls, and the long-range forecast explained: ‘The chances of a wetter-than-average period are higher than a drier-than-average one.’

At this time of year there is apparently ‘a greater risk of localised heavy downpours and thunderstorms’, meaning that when there is rain it will often be concentrated within a smaller area. 

But wait! Don’t bin the suncream just yet. There is still hope. When asked for comment by the i, the Met Office confirmed that reports of a sodden summer are inflated at best. 

‘It’s not possible to forecast a specific number of days of rain in the UK for a whole season,’ the forecasters explained. ‘Signals show the chances of a wet or dry summer are fairly balanced.’

Basically, this summer’s weather might be miserable, but it also might not. Only time will tell. Best to keep both your sunglasses and your brolly at the ready so you can take whatever mother nature decides to throw at you.

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