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Pickpocket sign in Notting Hill, London
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The UK has been named one of Europe’s worst destinations for tourist scams

In a ranking of the continent’s most tourist-conning hotspots, Britain ranked sixth

Amy Houghton
Written by
Amy Houghton

London is a wonderful, bustling city. But with its crowds come a significant scattering of folks out to prey on naïve, unsuspecting tourists. From online booking scams to London’s ever-evolving pickpockets, it’s always helpful to have your wits about you. 

And that’s especially now that the UK has just been ranked sixth on a list of the European destinations where tourists feel scammed. That’s according to research by a travel insurance comparison company, which looked at how many visitors took to review sites to complain about feeling cheated at major European hotspots. 

The Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral were named the worst spots for scams in Europe. In fact, France had a total of 748 reviews mentioning scams, over eight times as many as Spain, which ranked second. 

Quotezone offers a few tips for those worried about being caught out. Greg Wilson, chief executive of the company, said: ‘With many companies looking to sell holidaymakers tickets to attractions, special packages or deals either before departure or while there, it’s important for people to check and make sure what they have purchased is legitimate and meets their needs.’ 

It advises that you don’t carry cash in crowded areas and keep your cards in a secure bag across your chest or strapped under your clothes. If you want to put your belongings in a locker at the station or an attraction, make sure you get a key from the official source, rather than people approaching you trying to sell fake keys. 

The more you know, eh?

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