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Airlander, Hybrid Air Vehicles air ship
Image: Hybrid Air Vehicles

The world’s biggest aircraft will soon fly from the UK to the Mediterranean

The next big thing in aeronautical engineering is HERE!

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

Let me paint you a picture. You, your loved ones, a luxury travel pod, on your way to a warm country. It’s spacious, it’s comfortable, it’s sustainably made. No airport queues or delays. Doesn’t it sound delightful?

Well, you won’t have to imagine all that for much longer. The Airlander 10 is coming to the UK, and all of that can be yours for just a few thousand pounds!

The aircraft, which is similar to a zeppelin in style, sells itself as being a luxury travel experience like no other, with its interior taking inspiration from luxury yachts and private jets. The Airlander has been developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles, who are aiming to change the face of aviation forever. Modest goals. 

The company is aiming to have the crafts available for commercial travel to a selection of exclusive locations, including Mediterranean sun spots Majorca and Malaga, by 2027. With only 100 passengers per flight, each aircraft is going to ‘[connect] the unconnected’, which sounds exactly like something someone with enough money to take one of these flights would be interested in. 

Due to its sheer size, the Airlander will suffer from minimal turbulence and its design means that it can take off from and land on ‘virtually any flat surface, including water’ – thereby cutting out the need for airports entirely. It’s been certified by the Civil Aviation Authority, so don’t worry about safety either. It even produces 90 percent less CO2 than an average aircraft. Guilt free!

Airlander 10 could be the next big thing in travel, or it could be another fad for wealthy people to throw money at. Who knows. Either way, start saving now! You’ve got four years to save up for a trip. 

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