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Sexy British accents
Image: Time Out

These are officially the sexiest (and least sexy) accents in the British Isles

A new poll has figured out the hottest voices in Britain and Ireland

Written by
Ellie Muir

Everyone has that one accent that makes them weak at the knees. Whether it’s Jamie Dornan’s northern Irish, Jodie Comer’s Scouse or John Boyega’s south London accents, there are some ridiculously attractive voices out there.

But which are actually the hottest? Well, a new study has ranked accents across Britain and Ireland, and the first and second spots go to... the Irish and Northern Irish accents. Irish voices – however vague that admittedly is – were considered sexy by 28 percent of those polled, followed by Northern Irish, with 26 percent saying it’s hot.

The third sexiest was Geordie, and fourth was Welsh. Received pronunciation (AKA posh southern English) was way behind in fifth place, with 19 percent considering it sexy. 

The poll was taken by 2,300 people on dating site Match. Here are the top ten sexiest accents according to that survey:

  1. Irish
  2. Northern Irish
  3. Geordie
  4. Welsh
  5. Received Pronunciation, Queen’s English
  6. Yorkshire
  7. Glaswegian
  8. Cockney
  9. Brummie
  10. Cornish

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