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These new speed cameras in the UK can catch you even if you slow down

Big brother is watching you

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

Speed cameras are in place to keep us safe. But while they are instrumental in ensuring safety on our roads, it’s ok to admit that speed cameras can be, at times, incredibly annoying. And – apologies to anyone with points on their licence – they’re about to get a whole lot worse. 

Worse might be the wrong word. In an effort to stop people from slowing down for approximately ten seconds as they approach the speed camera then immediately accelerating away, new cameras with ‘anti-braking measures’ are set to be introduced to UK roads after a successful trial in northern Spain.

The system, developed by Road Angel, uses multiple cameras and sensors to assess whether or not a driver has harshly braked as they approach the speed camera, including a sensor almost 1km after the initial camera to catch anyone who sped back up. If caught, you could face a £100 fine, or points on your licence. 

Founder of Road Angel, Gary Digva, emphasised the safety benefits to the new technology, saying, ‘If introduced, these devices will catch and penalise more speeding motorists, encouraging more drivers to stick to legal limits and improve road safety.’

‘Although the fight goes on to reduce incidents of speeding on UK roads and accidents resulting from excess speed we believe introducing this new technology to the UK will help keep roads safer.’

Someone is injured on UK roads on average every 16 minutes, and experts hope that these new cameras will help reduce that number. 

So, speed awareness course tutors everywhere, go and treat yourself. Business is about to be booming!

Did you see that the UK is officially one of the freest places on Earth?

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