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A close up of a hornet
Photograph: Shutterstock

Alert: deadly Asian hornets have been spotted in the British countryside

Their potent venom is apparently capable of killing humans

Written by
Megan Geall

If you thought regular wasps were bad, think again. A deadly hornet has been spotted in Folkestone, Kent – making it the second sighting of the insect in the UK so far this year.

This type of hornet, also known as an Asian predatory wasp, has the potential to threaten the UK’s honey bee population. Each hornet can consume up to 50 honey bees a day, while a swarm can kill a hive of around 30,000 honey bees. 

And that’s not even the worst part. The Asian hornet is apparently capable of killing humans, thanks to its long stinger and potent venom.

The first sighting of the deadly insect this year was in Northumberland on April 5. Now the British Beekeepers Association has confirmed that the species has appeared in Kent too. To keep an eye on potential sightings, the British Beekeepers Association has asked the public to download its Asian Hornet Watch app.

First spotted in the UK in 2016, this species is different from the European hornet which is native to the UK. The main difference between the two is that the Asian hornet is slightly smaller with yellow legs and an orange face. Beekeepers advise people to avoid approaching any hornets or potential nests – their venom can be deadly, after all.

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