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The Pyramid, Stockport
Photograph: ironbell /

This mysterious pyramid in northern England is opening to the public for the first time

What awaits is beyond your wildest dreams...

Annie McNamee
Written by
Annie McNamee

We’re sure by now you know the old truism: ‘Stockport is basically the Cairo of the UK.’ Just us? Huh. 

So maybe it’s not exactly like Egypt, but Stockport does have a pyramid of its very own. Sadly, this one only dates back to the ’90s and we know exactly how it was created, but it’s still pretty cool-looking. The Stockport Pyramid housed the Co-op Banking group, who worked there until they moved to Manchester in 2018. The structure has sat empty ever since, leaving many to wonder what would become of it.

Luckily, this north-west English gem is set to become even more beloved, as it is being turned into one of the nation’s favourite things – an Indian restaurant. A banquet hall, to be exact. 

Mahboob Hussain, the owner of the restaurant chain Royal Nawaab, has said he looks forward to creating an ‘unforgettable dining experience’ in the building. He explained: ‘We are hoping to breathe much needed life into this iconic building and bring with it a significant investment and job creation into the Stockport and Greater Manchester region.’ The restaurant is slated to open in summer 2024. 

So next summer there’s no need to go all the way to Egypt to see a pyramid. Stockport’s one is probably even better: after all, you can’t chow down a curry next to Tutankahmun’s sarcophagus.

Did you see that the UK is officially one of the freest places on Earth?

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