Why the Elizabeth Line isn’t necessarily the best way to get to Heathrow

Buy a first-class Heathrow Express ticket and you can skip security checks at the airport

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When the Elizabeth Line launched its trains to Heathrow, many of us rejoiced – a smooth and swanky journey to the world’s busiest airport with the touch of a mere Oyster card? Yes, please. A lengthy, multi-stop trip on the Piccadilly line is just not the same.

But the Heathrow Express – whose trains from Paddington to Heathrow take just 15 minutes – wasn’t as pleased, as customers were less swayed by its £25 price tag.

However, it’s now offering a counter offer. If you buy their first-class ticket, you can skip airport security queues. For just £32, first-class passengers can whoosh through security and head to their gate, even if they’ve purchased an economy plane ticket.

Heathrow Express, which is owned by the airport, has said it has already seen people being swayed by the fast-track feature. A spokesperson said hundreds of passengers have now opted for first-class seating – an increase of 1.5 percent since the deal was introduced in July.

He said: ‘People really value being able to get to London quickly. With the Heathrow Express, our trains are designed for travellers, not commuters.’

Heathrow Express celebrates 25 years next year. The Elizabeth Line opened earlier this year, with its Bond Street station opening on October 24. Customers will be able to travel from the West End or Canary Wharf to Heathrow on direct trains from November 6, with journeys costing £12.80.  

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