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Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Detail of 'Two Sisters (On the Terrace)', 1881. © The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

With an art scene as changeable as London's, how can you ever keep track of what to see right now? By using this page, that's how. These are the new openings the Time Out Art team thinks are worth seeing. If you'd prefer to see something we already know is good, try our list of London's top ten art exhibitions.

Roman Signer: Slow Movement

Towed by a rope, a kayak will travel through the 90-metre long gallery as if on water. Joined by two other canoes placed around the centre in bizarre ways and early films featuring the kayak, Signer transforms an ordinary scenario into something absurd. An avid kayaker for many years, Signer has used boats in his practice since the 1980s to explore the experience of landscape and time.

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Barbican Centre Wednesday March 4 2015 - Sunday May 31 2015 Free

Inventing Impressionism

It may seem surprising that there was a time when the works of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were not fashionable. Thankfully a nineteenth century Parisian art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel knew talent when he saw it. Undeterred by initial critical opinion and public resistance for this group of artists producing colourful, blurred and spontaneous paintings, Durand-Ruel championed Monet, Pissarro and Renoir along with Édouard Manet, Alfred Sisley and Edgar Degas. This blockbuster celebrates the impressionists’ greatest supporter.

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National Gallery Wednesday March 4 2015 - Sunday May 31 2015

Leon Golub: Bite Your Tongue

Fairly unknown in the UK, the late figurative painter, who was shunned for many years by the American establishment, is celebrated in this survey of his rugged, politically charged work. The show includes his critical response to the Vietnam War and 1990s urban experience.

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Serpentine Gallery Wednesday March 4 2015 - Sunday May 17 2015 Free

Pascale Marthine Tayou: Boomerang

How much of our lives are impacted by global consumption? Populating the former gunpowder depot with sculptures that combine traditional craft techniques with found elements, Tayou explores the theme of individual and national identity in a time of insurmountable consumer waste. Cloth, glass, plastic and wood are transformed into strange forms that seem to have a life of their own. Born in Cameroon, Tayou initially studied law, deciding to become an artist during the political turmoil of 1990s West Africa. Informed by these formative years, he manages to juggle socially conscious topics with playful artistry.

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Serpentine Sackler Gallery Wednesday March 4 2015 - Sunday May 17 2015 Free

Fourth Plinth: Hans Haacke

As we say goodbye to Katharina Fritsch’s blue cockerel, Trafalgar Square will be getting another animal resident atop the fourth plinth with German artist, Hans Haacke's ‘Gift Horse’. At four-metres high, the latest commission installed with an electronic ticker from the London Stock Exchange might mimic its neighbouring equestrian statue of George IV but its skeletal frame questions Britain’s class system and the inequalities of global finance.

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Fourth Plinth Thursday March 5 2015 - Sunday March 6 2016 Free

Idiot Box

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard curate this show of short films reflecting their fascination with TV culture. Featuring their first video piece, ‘Chain Smoker-Tap Dancer’ (1995) along with works that have inspired them by other artists including David Shrigley and Gillian Wearing, the duo evoke the captivating experience of the idiot box.

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Kate MacGarry Friday March 6 2015 - Saturday April 18 2015 Free

Evan Roth: Voices over the Horizon

The Paris-based artist used ghost hunting techniques to investigate the hidden online landscape of the Cornish coast, where a quarter of the world’s online traffic is carried by fibre-optic cable beneath the sea. Here, he presents his findings.

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Carroll/Fletcher Friday March 6 2015 - Saturday April 11 2015 Free

RCA Curating Contemporary Art: Graduate Exhibitions

Unconventionally this year, the graduating students from the Royal College of Art’s Curating in Contemporary Art course present their final show in the form of four exhibitions: Black Box Formula, Echo Chamber, Statement House (Temporary Title) and Whose Game Is It? about globalisation and fiction.

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Royal College of Art Friday March 6 2015 - Sunday March 22 2015 Free

Drawing Biennial

Over 200 works on paper have been donated by established and emerging artists for the gallery’s annual auction. Each selected artist, which this years includes Tracey Emin, Gary Hume (pictured), Anish Kapoor and Francis Upritchard have created A4 sized original drawings that will be auctioned off over the last two weeks of the show.

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Drawing Room Thursday March 5 2015 - Thursday April 30 2015 Free

Ghosts: How We Live in the Future

Urban regeneration is intended to have a positive impact on the communities it seeks to serve. But for as many success stories there is double the number of failed schemes. Here, six artists present their responses to the decaying, unsuccessful and unrealised modernist projects throughout London.

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Fine Art Society Wednesday March 4 2015 - Friday April 10 2015 Free

Armand Boua: Djossi a Yopougon

In layered compositions, which are often composed of tar and acrylic on found cardboard boxes, the Ivory Coast-born artist presents portraits of street kids around his hometown of Abidjan.

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Jack Bell Gallery Wednesday March 4 2015 - Saturday March 28 2015 Free