Jerusalem Tavern


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  • Jerusalem Tavern

    Scott Wishart

    Jerusalem Tavern
  • Jerusalem Tavern

    Scott Wishart

    Jerusalem Tavern
  • Jerusalem Tavern

    Scott Wishart

    Jerusalem Tavern

Jerusalem Tavern

Scott Wishart

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>5</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>2</span>/5
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    Jerusalem Tavern 55 Britton Street
    EC1M 5UQ

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3.5 / 5

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Francisco M.

I love the beer and have returned quite a few times. Back soon again... Greetings from sunny Florianópolis, Brazil.

Alexandra miller

Well well well! I knew this place when it was an architects office dad Oliver ( who lived in the converted attic) and his best friend Jonny ( who owned the building) worked there and it was a tiny affair then! Drawings abounded everywhere , typewriters and good old lead pencils! Many a happy time my brother and I spent there in the 80's ......Oliver had the most beautiful and spectacular view across the rooftops of London..... how it takes me back sitting here and how sentimental I now feel.....I see their spirits drifting amongst the ales Jonny and Oliver woud have been happy there !!!

Paul B

Went in last night and was served by the rudest barmaid I think I've ever encountered. After some time waiting for her to notice me (the bar is approx 6 foot long) she looked at me and said, flat and unsmiling: "Hello." (Not "Hi, what would you like?" not "Are you being served?" just hello and the dead eyes.) So I said: "Hi, can I have a pint of mild please? *delivers pint* "£3.25." (Not "£3.25 please" not "Would you like anything else" just "£3.25". So I proffered a tenner silently (I'd given up by now) and waited for my change. Which was £1.75. "That was a 10 pound note I just gave you." "Sorry, was it?" *opens till, makes great show of lifting tenner out of fiver section, gives me a fiver, says nothing.* Simply appalling rudeness. If anyone from St Peter's is reading this and cares, you need a Mary Gober crash team, pronto. One star for the beer and the price, both of which are great.

Martin B

Dreadful place...pretentious, faux olde worlde and strangely distant.  If it was any more up itself it would require a gynaecologist ....went last night, staff were sullen, arsey and rude, colleague was virtually ignored as she tried to get a drink. Go to The Three Kings instead, better ambience, better staff, better pub.