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If you thought you’d collected a lot of crap on your holidays, wait until you see Mr Fogg’s. This place is literally stuffed with the detritus of the Victorian explorer of the name: every wall is covered with hunting rifles, stuffed animals, weathered flags and maps. All right, these are just the imaginary souvenirs of an imaginary traveller, but that doesn’t make the profusion of clutter any less dazzling – or any less fun.

It'd be easy for cocktails to take second place with an interior like this, but at Mr Fogg's the seriously knowledgeable bar staff make sure they're punchy, exciting and altogether sensational. It’s not cheap – this is Mayfair, after all – but for sheer spectacle Mr Fogg's is hard to beat.

Venue name: Mr Fogg's
Address: 15 Bruton Lane
Opening hours: Open 5pm-1am Mon-Sat
Transport: Tube: Green Park

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3.7 / 5

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Isolated old-fashioned cocktail bar in the heart of Mayfair. There is a charming door man dressed in a Victorian-esque outfit who has to ring the bell before allowing entry. Theme of the bar is Phileas Fogg related … didn’t see that coming, did ya? Very cool interior with penny farthing bikes, bird cages and a semi inflated hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling! The lighting is good, not too dark and the music is mellow; doesn’t overpower conversation. The staff are very friendly and help you choose the right cocktail, the selection is vast as is the sheer number of liquor bottles behind the bar! I liked it ... but there wasn't anything spectacularly different about it and the cocktails were slightly overpriced for what they were.

Nicky G

Perfect for 'let's try cocktails somewhere different this week', because at £42 for two cocktails, some beef jerky and mixed nuts to share it's not a cheap night out but it's definitely different. The Phileas Fogg theme means you can spend a good hour just staring at the junk on the walls - from the penny farthings above the bar to the taxidermy on the walls and parachutes above a ceiling lamp - and imagine you're in a gentlemens' lounge in Victorian times, about to chat to Phileas Fogg himself. It's all surprisingly tacky (in a good way) for a Mayfair joint. 

Hannah R

Underwhelming. Nice decor and loved the stories played in the toilets. Went for afternoon tea, the food was crude and drinks average.

Rosie A
moderatorTastemakerModeratorStaff Comp

A solid 3 stars for me (which means generally good). Love the decor in this place, it's fun, it's a speakeasy, it's beautifully decorated. I found the staff to the friendly and I like that they play you creepy fairytales in the loos. The drinks were really mehhhhh for me though. I love a cocktail or 12 and these just didn't cut it compared other London drinkeries. Unnecessarily fussy, in my opinion. Stick to the classics, have a few wildcards, and that would be much better, Mr Fogg. 

Bonnie W

One of my favourite watering holes! The service is fantastic and helpful. Yes the drinks are quite pricey but the servers make sure to keep snacks topped up for free and it's a beautiful place to while away an hour or two. 

Charlotte S

I hated thus place. The staff were snooty and rude, the drinks were hugely overpriced and really not very nice and the whole venue was just pretentious and self-glorified. Okay, you're based in Mayfair; who the hell cares? It doesn't mean you can be a jerk, buddy

Charly Lester
Staff Writer

Great venue.  Tucked away in a side street, even getting in feels like an adventure.  The decor is novel and clever, and the cocktail list is extensive.  Great choice for a first, or fifty-first date, but be prepared to splash out.

Charly Lester

Time Out Head of Dating


Quite a little gem to dazzle friends with on a birthday or visit to London. Drinks are creative (but, of course, expensive), atmosphere is warm, music is good, fellow drinkers have style. A little disappointment about a reservation policy requiring a credit card number.. that will never do - please Mr. Foggs have a think about this - but overall such a nice place to go and unfurl. A strong four stars - the only reason not a 5 is cost of cocktails & credit card nonsense.


Simple AMAZING. Great local. Nice bar with his own soul. You must visit it!!

Naomi Scott

Hidden down a dark side road in town, finally I can see a bar with no name. Kitsch 1920's doorman hang outside and greet me by calling me ma'am. Do you have a reservation they ask, thankfully the answer is yes. They ring an old fashioned door bell and I enter the world of Mr Foggs, escorted to the drawing room to my table I marvel at the lions head and gaitor skin on the wall. Full of Mr Foggs antiquities and 1920's music, the drinks are served in lead crystal, and beers in silver tankards, I love this place. A trip to the bathroom is a delight, old fadhioned and pretty loo's with the Jules Verne novel read out around you. This place is fun, quirky and beautiful. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Down a rather shabby lane (well, for Mayfair anyway) you'll find this wee little gem of a bar. As we arrived a lovely looking young boy was being turned away; book a table, is the moral of this story. We smugly breeze pass him and a doorman dressed in faux 1920s attire greets us with his little black book. Our names are written down. I thought this was a lovely touch. Sadly, we entered and there was a posh, modern, beautiful iPad with our actual reservation (the app most restaurant managers would dream of). Anyhow, we were seated. Water and crackers were bought to us for FREE! Great, I think. I do love good table service. The bar was busy. Full of the people you might expect in one of these places. I am glad I wore heels! Then we waited. And waited. Discussed the option of heading up to the bar to order. Then finally we were served. I opted for a Fish bowl punch. As alcoholic as you might expect and garnished with a bit of tree. Is this the new thing? Are twigs from the local tree in Green Park in vogue these days? Our bill was noteworthy. Sixty quid for four cocktails. But this is what you get in Mayfair. Overall, I enjoyed it. The little extras are lovely, the décor is superb and the cocktails are delicious. I don't think I would go again but is definitely worth taking the girlfriend as a special treat or just a mid week date.

John Simpson

Incredible attention to detail! Absolutely loved this place....Almost reluctant to let the secret out!

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Dear sirs I have attended your establishment recently on two previous occasions, both were very pleasant. I am now very disappointed to learn that upon trying to book a table for four people on the 10th December at 7pm I was requested to give my credit card details over the phone including the security code. This I had to refuse for very obvious reasons: 1. It leaves the card wide open to fraudulent use by anybody your booking personnel gives the details to. 2. No credit card company will cover you for fraudulent use if you give your details to anybody over the phone. This is a ridiculous  request  by any business - I would suggest that set up a secure on line booking system if the majority of your visitors are of the unscrupulous type. Very disappointed.  Dave Sent from my iPad