Harrow Arts Centre

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Venue name: Harrow Arts Centre
Address: Uxbridge Road
Transport: BR: Hatch End
  • The UK Film Council and BBC 2’s celebration of British film continues with a big-screen showing of Michael Anderson’s 1955 WWII matinée mainstay about the RAF’s efforts to destroy three key Ruhr Valley dams using eccentric aircraft designer Barnes...
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  • Time Out says
    • 4 out of 5 stars
    Whether or not you give a mouse dropping about 3D (and Disney has done a smashing job on the refit), what a treat it is to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ again. It was among the studio’s crop of early 1990s hits, but in look and feel harks back to the...
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  • Reactionary pap the story may be, but Wise’s blockbuster musical is still grossly underrated (and frequently knocked by those who’ve never seen it). It’s superbly edited and shot, Ernest Lehman’s script keeps things moving along nicely, the Nazi t...
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