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Few cinemas evoke quite as much misty-eyed fondness among South London film fans as the PeckhamPlex. It ain’t fancy, and you’d struggle to describe the décor in entirely favourable terms, but this rough-around-the-edges Peckham institution, which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, has character and charm in spades. The only thing you really need to know about this place is that tickets are just £4.99 – or £5.99 if you want to see a film in 3D – all day, every day of the week. That’s it: no nonsense, no frills, no faff. The programme focuses on the latest big releases as well as the odd smaller film, which you can read about on the cinema’s delightfully gif-heavy blog.


Venue name: PeckhamPlex
Address: 95a Rye Lane
SE15 4ST
Transport: Peckham Rye rail
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          Sian B

          Such a wonderful, friendly place to see the latest releases - and super cheap too!

          Janis F

          Peckham Plex shows a broad range of movies from arthouse to blockbuster. They make a big effort to draw in the community eg Black History Month themed flicks in October, talks from actors and directors connected to the neighbourhood, a book-sharing hub in the lobby. Also priced really well.

          Hannah S

          Love the PeckhamPlex. Where else can you watch new releases for a fiver? And I have grown to love the audience participation too - there's generally clapping at the end of a good movie. Such a gem.

          Jasmine G

          Where else are you going to see a film for a fiver? Takes me straight back to the 80's with the whole vibe of the place and I love it.


          I was always of the belief you get what you pay for and at £5 a film naturally my expectations for the local Peckham cinema were low. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find out it’s actually a semi decent cinema! I mean don’t go expecting an Everyman, you won’t find any Wasabi nuts here, but if you just want to watch a film, no frills, then you can’t go far wrong for a fiver.

          nadine s

          I live in Peckham, I moved here back in 2014. Now the first time I went to Peckhamplex cinema to see Transformers Age Of Extinction I got sexually harassed by one of the male ticket workers - a light skinned black young man, he said some lame chat up line which was childish, I just wanted to see the movie, it ruined the entire movie for me. Now, Iv'e been to Peckhamplex many times after that & I have never seen that guy again, all the other ticket workers have been friendly & non-inappropriate, hopefully that guy was fired, I'm thankful that I never had to experience that again & I haven't let that person stop me from going to the cinema. The cinema itself is fantastic, great cheap price & the movie screen, surround sound, e.c.t is excellent.


          It’s really part of the community, PeckhamPlex, and that’s what makes it interesting. It has a no-frills attitude but this makes it comfortable and more relaxing than your typical London cinema. Of course the prices help too, but it’s just a good, nice place to be-it has a soul, much like the cinemas of old, which I think is quite uncommon for the flicks these days. They staff are lovely and they keep the adverts really snappy at the beginning of a screening which is a breath of fresh air, to be honest. It’s the best cinema in London, without a doubt. 


          Dianne H

          My favourite cheap cinema. A fiver is a bargain by London standards and they show all of the new releases…why you would go anywhere else is a mystery!

          Head to the pound shops to stock up on your cinema snacks before and you’re onto a winner.


          Much like that lady that married the Berlin Wall, I am a little bit obsessed with Peckhamplex and am considering listing it as my next of kin on my next passport application. 

          You don't get much for £4.99 in London anymore, and you'd be hard pressed to find a cinema that charges less than a tenner for the latest releases. Sure, there's no truffle-infused popcorn and occasionally the films become inadvertently 4D when some of the audience members get carried away and express their views on the on-screen action (the audience for Hunger Games was arguably more vocal about Katniss's escapades than her on-screen comrades and last night's queue for The Revenant was possibly more of an extreme adventure than Leo's), but what more do you bloody want for a fiver? You can even buy a Peckhamplex t-shirt and mug.

          I love Peckhamplex. There I said it. 

          Marta K

          Nothing can beat the £5 tickets. The Q&A's are definitely worth keeping an eye on - every now and then you get to see some really interesting people discussing films/social issues/local matters.

          Sareta P

          You really cannot argue with £4.99 all day every day. Sure it's a bit run down, but you usually have to pay extra for retro chic these days. With 6 screens they usually have a pretty wide selection of the latest releases. It's fab to have a local cinema that isn't owned by one of the big chains. And they sell slush puppies. Can't say fairer than that.

          Ana R

          Love this cinema! Super cheap, good quality and great films. Nothing compares to Peckham Plex

          olivia n

          I love this place! The only cinema we can afford to go big screen as a family, and it has soul! I love the way it feels like the ramshackle, cosmopolitan, rag-tag, relaxed heart of the vivid peckham community.

          Katerina S

          I always tell my non Peckham based friends with so much pride that OUR cinema charges only a fiver for the ticket! We are very lucky to have it in the neighbourhood

          Kieran K

          Cinema ticket, snacks, and change from a tenner!. This is why we love the PeckhamPlex

          Emma H

          The BEST independant cinema. Fair prices. Good screens and sounds. Varied programming. Did I say independent? 😀


          I have been going to this cinema since I was a kid. Tickets used to be £3.50. It doesn't pretend to be anything fancy, it never has. It gives you exactly what you need and you can even get a tshirt that says Peckhamplex. You sometimes overlook this cinema because you want the flashy show of high, cushioned seats, with fancy popcorn and elaborate ice-cream flavours. But what do you really want? The film. The staff could be nicer, but you can't be too picky when you're paying £5 for a blockbuster.

          Adam G

          Where else in London can you catch a new blockbuster film for a fiver!

          Too many cinemas in London these days feel like a rip off but with all films shown here for £5, or £6 for 3D, Peckhamplex is a bargain. It is more than just cheap though, it is a great cinema with a fantastically nostalgic feel. It is rarely busy and has a great selection of new releases with a few classics thrown in too. 

          If theres a new movie out you're dying to see and you miss the old-school theatre vibe that most cinemas no longer provide then why not give it a try.

          warren s

          £4.99 any film, any time. A bloomin bargain. A kitsch classic. And did I say £4.99 a ticket!!!

          Sherr A

          My new fav cinema....pekhamplex! If you don't want to pay £20 plus for one screening in central move your butt to Peckham! You can find cosy and cute bars and pubs and also the big screens at pekhamplex! Wait if it's not enough you have a deal for £7 large popcorn and drink! Probably you won't believe until you try but the tickets are also for £5 only! it's seems SE londoners are the luckiest!!!well I can called it my second home now!

          Staff Writertastemaker

          £5 cinema tickets in 2015, seriously, people never believe you until you take them here.

          It's a bit of a time warp to your childhood cinema experiences (generic brand slushies, matchmakers, lairy carpet, smell of totally-not-artisan popcorn) but that is all part of the charm.

          Staff can be a little disengaged but its worth a small queue for often a screen almost to yourselves, even for blockbuster films. a great little cinema long may it live on in Peckham.