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  • Address:

    Petherton Picture Show Roundwell Street
    South Petherton
    TA13 5AA

What's on at Petherton Picture Show



Blue Jasmine

Rating: 4/5

For Woody Allen fans, watching his recent films has been like prising your eyes open after an earthquake. Will everything be just as it once was? Or will it look like ‘Cassandra’s Dream’, his 2007 low, starring Colin Farrell as a London mechanic? For...

  • Fri Sep 26:

    • 19:15

Inside Llewyn Davis

Rating: 5/5

You can size up this blacker-than-black, early 1960s time capsule from the writer-directors of ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’ from all sorts of angles. Is it a sideways look at a music scene? A melancholic but extremely funny riff on...

  • Fri Oct 31:

    • 19:15


Rating: 4/5

Odd couples echo throughout 'Philomena', a film directed by British veteran Stephen Frears ('The Queen') and co-written by comedian Steve Coogan – who also stars opposite another much-loved old hand: Judi Dench. Coogan is Martin Sixsmith, a resolutel...

  • Fri Aug 29:

    • 19:15

The Railway Man

Rating: 3/5

Colin Firth cements his reputation as the go-to man for repressed, buttoned-up masculinity with another performance of feeling and depth, playing a former soldier traumatised by World War II. What a shame then that the rest of the film is less stiff-...

  • Fri Oct 17:

    • 19:15

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