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    Spring Bridge Car Park Spring Bridge Road
    W5 2AA

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Rating: 4/5

Arguably the quintessential subtitled film for people who don’t like subtitled films (it’d be a dust-up between this and ‘Cinema Paradiso’), Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s rose-tinted Parisian romance is wheeled out once more to celebrate its tenth anniversary...

  • Thu Aug 7:

    • 21:00

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Rating: 3/5

It should have been the top story, but instead it's been bumped to the back of the hour: '...and in other news, the "Anchorman" sequel is perfectly adequate'. Yes, 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' is not the disaster some feared it might be, but n...

  • Fri Aug 8:

    • 21:00

The Beach

Richard (DiCaprio) finds a treasure map in which 'X' marks the location of the backpacker's Holy Grail: a virgin beach deep in the Gulf of Thailand. In persuading the stunning Françoise (Ledoyen) and her beau Etienne (Canet) to accompany him on the d...

  • Thu Aug 28:

    • 20:00

The Breakfast Club

Seminal teen movie about five kids kept in detention who forge an unbreakable friendship.

  • Sat Aug 30:

    • 20:00


Half the world can repeat half the dialogue of Curtiz’s great wartime (anti-)romance, re-released in a new digital restoration for Valentine’s Day, and half of Hollywood’s scriptwriters worked on it. If Peter Bogdanovich is right to say the Bogart pe...

  • Fri Aug 29:

    • 20:00

Dallas Buyers Club

Rating: 4/5

It’s getting difficult (enjoyably so) to keep track of the many shades of life Matthew McConaughey is hell-bent on exploring these days. Conveniently – and a touch calculatingly – they’re all on display in the stirring ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, a one-sto...

  • Wed Aug 13:

    • 20:30

Dirty Dancing

After 2004’s straight-to-DVD sequel, the superior original is re-released, digitally restored, to mark the film’s twentieth anniversary. Aside from making fans feel very old, this is also likely to make them feel just as jubilant and light-footed as...

  • Fri Aug 22:

    • 20:30

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris (Broderick) is a boy who gets anything he wants, screws over anyone who gets in his way, and gets patted on the back for doing so. Gathering his best friend (Ruck) and his best girlfriend (Sara), he skips school for the day out in Chicago. Hug...

  • Thu Aug 14:

    • 20:30

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