Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)

Swiss Cottage
Venue name: Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)
Address: 02 Centre, 255 Finchley Rd
Transport: Tube: Finchley Rd
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  • Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) is a morally retarded City trader who lives by his hands-free kit and Tie Rack charge card until one day he inherits a vineyard in Provence from his daffy old uncle (Albert Finney). At first, the habitually xenophobic M...
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  • Kevin Costner finally acts his age in this decidedly patchy US Coast Guard drama, and is spot-on as the lead rescue swimmer in Alaskan waters, who’s demoted after a tragedy and not happy to be training the service’s newest intake. Which is where t...
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  • Time Out says
    • 3 out of 5 stars
    Guy Hamilton’s Pinewood-produced ‘Goldfinger’ is the first of four James Bond films he directed and the third to star Sean Connery as 007. Any kid growing up in the early ’60s will remember this one for several reasons: Birley Shassey’s screamer o...
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  • Destructive tomfoolery on a typically grand scale, with Moore - trying on 007's white jacket for the first time - matched against a battery of colourful villains (blacks are the baddies this time) and voodoo chiles. Two hours long and anti-clima...
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  • Novelist Clive Cussler’s series of Dirk Pitt adventures is the latest port of call for movie producers seeking a viable action-hero franchise. Part of a privately funded ocean-going operation salvaging valuable artefacts, Pitt is scientist, hist...
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  • What should have been a self-deprecatory checklist of Deep South gin joint clichés, this Prohibition-era musical starring pioneering hip-hop duo OutKast recklessly opts for po-faced drama and comes off more like ‘Moonwalker’ meets ‘Harlem Nights’....
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  • Sarky then soppy, this initially barbed take on life, love ’n’ sex in the city offers some sharp observations, engaging performances and clever lines before collapsing towards a cringeworthily effusive climax that would make Richard Curtis blush. ...
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  • Despite the cringingly unfunny jive-talk opener, Sony’s first computer-animation turns out to be a bit of a hoot, replete with some fabulous characterisations and a couple of decent songs. Boog the domesticated grizzly (voice of Martin Lawrence) l...
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  • Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) is just your ordinary dog-catcher until his missus (Virginia Madsen) gives him a curious paperback, ‘The Number 23’. As he reads on, it’s like looking inside his head, as the lonely boy protagonist becomes a moody detec...
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