Behind the Boosh: see our exclusive pictures

Check out our exclusive snaps from Proud Gallery's latest exhibition, Behind the Boosh: Photographs by Dave Brown



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© Dave Brown

Stop Children

‘Every group needs an archivist or documentarian who represents the voice of sanity in the midst of hoo-hah lunacy. Whether it’s touring, filming or just sitting in a room with dirty spiders, Dave is there to record, like Tom Wolfe, only with a camera. And while Dave is equally, if not more insane than me, Julian, Noel or Mike – I’ve been quoted as saying he’s the most fucked-up person I’ve ever met – his photography is the purest history we have of the Boosh. Each picture is a moment in time that can’t be distorted by hazy memories, addled brains or late-night, curry coma. This photo of Bob Fossil popping out of his suit holding a lollipop shows his childlike naïveté. I also see the potential rage in Fossil’s eyes. I like to think of the sign as saying, “Stop Children… from making fun of my eyes!”’ Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil)

© Dave Brown

Tour Bus Brothers

‘Our Boosh tour diet consisted of toasted sandwiches, tea, sweets, Pot Noodles and pretty much anything from service stations. And Dave Brown would be everywhere we turn getting in all the nooks and crannies in order to get a photo. One time I was eating a Pot Noodle and as I got to the bottom of the container I swear I saw Dave at the bottom milling about in the gravy trying to get a picture.’ Mike Fielding (Naboo, left)

© Dave Brown

Fire Exit Love

‘This pic of Eleanor comes from the set of series three, which was shot on an old army base. There were a lot of decrepit, abandoned buildings like the one behind us. It looks as though Eleanor is thinking: One sock lowered = extreeeeemely available.’ Rich Fulcher

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