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Cult comedy nights Clark’s and Oram & Meeten’s Club Fantastico were once staples of the London circuit. After a hiatus (while the hosts got more famous) they’re both back at Soho Theatre. Here, we sum up two of the coolest nights in a nutshell.

What were these gigs, then?
Hosted by Dan Clark, the imaginatively titled Clark’s ran until 2010 and featured the hippest line-ups on the circuit: Tim Key was poet-in-residence, and Simon Amstell and Noel Fielding would often drop by. Oram & Meeten’s Club Fantastico was simply a bizarro-fest of sketch and character acts. Both of them gained big, loyal followings.

Who are the hosts?
Dan Clark is best known as the lead in his wildly popular BBC Three sitcom ‘How Not to Live Your Life’. Tom Meeten has popped up in ‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy’ and ‘The Mighty Boosh’. Steve Oram has become British comedy royalty, having co-written and starred in Ben Wheatley’s dark comedy ‘Sightseers’.

What can we expect?
At Clark’s, a ton of ace leftfield acts, including deadpan musical duo Ginger & Black and oddball sketch quartet Oyster Eyes. At Club Fantastico? A huge amount of weirdness. A ‘Miss Club Fantastico’ beauty contest is promised – need we say more?

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