Scott Capurro's top ten stand-up comedians

The acerbic US-born, London-based comic reveals his favourite stand-ups



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As part of our series of top ten features, highly intelligent, occasionally shocking San Franciscan Scott Capurro runs down his ten favourite fellow stand-ups. ‘If I had room for more,’ he says, he’d also pick, ‘Andrew Doyle, Dane Baptiste, George Ryegold, Simon Munnery, Mae Martin, Myra DuBois, Joe Wells, Tobias Pearson, Alexis Dubus, Paul Sinha, Sean Meo and, of course, Daniel Kitson.’ But he doesn’t. So here’s his proper top ten.


Stephen Carlin

‘Droll and furrowed and gorgeous. Awesome joke writer. We’ve shared a bill several times, including an Edinburgh preview in Brighton a while back, and I watch him wondering why I bother.’

Greg Proops

Greg Proops

‘A master wordsmith and brilliant technician. And he’s beautifully dressed.’


Margaret Cho

‘Warm, complicated and whip smart. I watched her late night set at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and, whilst sweating and guffawing, I wondered if anyone ever enjoyed watching me this much?’


Sarah Kendall

‘We once did the Guardian Hay Festival on the same night. A great storyteller, her audience bathed in the warmth of her generosity and brilliance. Mine booed me. Awkward.’

David Mills

David Mills

‘A cool, class act. He’s uber-relevant, and has his finger on so many cultural pulses, I’m in awe.’


Stewart Lee

‘Every live performance I’ve seen of his has inspired me to start over, be pertinent and raise my comic bar. He’s creatively balletic.’


Robin Ince

‘Much funnier than his cardigans. Full of angst and completely adorable, and arguably the best improv player the UK has to offer.’


Will Franken

‘Completely original American, new to the scene here, but getting lots of attention. Hilariously imaginative, he does the best Brit accent(s) of anyone I’ve seen.’


Jo Caulfield

‘Sexy, prolific and wry, Joe never tentatively touches a subject. She dives in. Breathtakingly fierce.’


Jerry Sadowitz

‘Well there’s his obvious brilliance as a magician, and then the fact that he rips everyone a new hole. Everyone, including himself. He also smashes cell phones used during shows. He’s Jesus.’

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