The art of sketch (according to Pappy's)

The absurdly funny comedy troupe reveal their golden rules…



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Pappy's get ready for action: (L-R) Tom Parry, Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby

Pappy's get ready for action: (L-R) Tom Parry, Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby

1. Plan your route to the gig

Ben Clark ‘There was one journey where Matthew was so keen to eat a KFC he navigated us straight to Oxford services.’

Tom Parry ‘It wasn’t until we had eaten that we realised the gig was in the opposite direction and we were on the wrong motorway.’

Matthew Crosby ‘Hey, it’s the best service station-based chicken outlet in the country, so I stand by my decision.’

2. Check you have all your props

TP ‘Ben once left our guitar on a train.’

BC ‘At least I got it back, Tom, unlike when you left it in a park.’

TP ‘In my defence, I was very drunk.’

3. Always stick to the script

TP ‘I disagree. Rule number three should be: mix it up and always keep it fresh.’

MC ‘No, Tom, because your idea of keeping it fresh is ignoring the script in favour of unrelated tangents. Like your “slippers are just indoor shoes” rant.’

BC ‘It made me laugh.’

MC ‘It didn’t make the audience laugh.’

4. The show must go on

BC ‘I once twisted my ankle right at the start of a show and had to carry on.’

MC ‘Which would have been bad enough, but you had to do a whole sketch where you carried Tom on your shoulders.’

TP ‘Ben was too professional to tell me.’

BC ‘I was in too much pain to tell you!’

5. Challenge yourself

TP ‘We are always trying to do new things, to push ourselves.’

MC ‘With “Last Show Ever” we wanted to make a sketch show that wasn’t just funny, but also made people feel something.’

BC ‘I felt something during the gig that I sprained my ankle: immense pain.’

TP ‘I didn’t feel a thing, but in my defence, I was very drunk.’

Pappy’s ‘Last Show Ever’ is at the Soho Theatre, Mon Apr 1 to Sat Apr 20.

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