Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Piccadilly Hotel



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    Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Piccadilly Hotel London
    W1D 6EX

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    £112.00 to £504.00 per night

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    1. Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Piccadilly Hotel
      • London
        W1D 6EX
      • 51.51212,-0.131859

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Probably the worst value of all of the Best Western Hotels around the world - embarassing given this background ...I was a paying client of the Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Piccadilly Hotel, London on 25-26 June 2011. On 26 June 2011, in person and in writing to précis properties Ltd; Interchange and Consort Hotels Ltd; London Premier Hotels and the Best Western Group collectively, I reported through the reception/management of the Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Piccadilly Hotel on the inadequate size and quality of room 109, the air conditioning unit and the cleanliness of windows. As the result of a back injury suffered in Military Service and flashbacks and claustrophobia related to my days as a Royal Australian Navy-trained diver I was unable to carry out required stretches on the floor nor was I able to enjoy sufficient rest during the evening of 25 June/morning of 26 June 2011 in Room 109 of the hotel. In general and specific to my condition the experience in that tiny room for about 12 hours was traumatic. The matters were reported to hotel staff - dismissed with 'I'd better write that down for someone to fix,' or similar words. What was first offered in response to an initial claim was my indulgence in a second chance 80% projected fee on another unstated experience where clearly I was still angry and traumatised about the outcome of the first experience. This has added to my continuing distressed condition. Over the past four months I have made formal requests directly and in writing to the hotel to have my distress understood and some explanation for this claustrophobic, shoebox-sized room incorrectly described as ‘premier’ etc; a malfunctioning air conditioner; dirty windows, dingey exterior etc. This has not occurred, and the responses from hotel management have been inadequate, dismissive and uncaring. The hotel has failed to address my concerns as regards room size at all and has retrospectively indicated only token efforts to resolve the other issues outlined.