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One of the world's oldest museums, the British Museum is vast and its collections, only a fraction of which can be on public display at any one time, comprise millions of objects. First-time visitors generally head for the mummies, the Rosetta Stone, Lindow Man, the Lewis Chessmen and the Sutton Hoo ship burial.

Indeed, the Sutton Hoo finds provide the centrepiece for the new Sir Paul and Lady Jill Ruddock Gallery (Room 41), designed to display the museum's exceptional early medieval collection. Covering finds from across Europe from AD 300 to 1100, the Ruddock Gallery shows off not only the Anglo-Saxons' iconic Sutton Hoo masked helmet, but also late Roman mosaics and such extraordinary objects as the fourth-century Lycurgus Cup, made to change colour in different lights, and the Kells Crozier, a holy yew wood staff decorated and adapted many times from the ninth century onwards.

Enlightenment: Discovering the World in the eighteenth century is a permanent exhibition of around 5,000 objects chosen to cast light on the period between the mid-eighteenth and the early nineteenth century, a time of great discovery and learning when the British Museum was founded by an Act of Parliament. It is displayed in the restored former King’s Library – a huge neo-classical room built in the 1820s to house the books collected by George III.

Living and Dying, a permanent exhibition in the Wellcome Trust Gallery, explores the ways in which people throughout history have diagnosed and treated disease and coped with death. The exhibition considers attitudes towards burial, mourning and festivals for the dead and features an installation on Western approaches to illness. The first galleries to open as part of the BM's programme of refurbishment are a new gallery of Ancient Iran, featuring masterpieces from the Persian Empire, and a gallery focused on the prehistory of Europe and the Middle East, examining the fundamental changes to human society brought about by the birth of agriculture.

The Great Court is a vast and beautiful covered piazza, designed by Foster and Partners, surrounding the free reference library in former Round Reading Room.

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Venue name: British Museum
Address: 44
Great Russell St
Opening hours: Daily 10am-5.30pm; Fri 10am-8.30pm (selected galleries only, ring for details)
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Rd/Holborn/Russell Square
Price: Free (permanent collection); admission charge applies for some temporary exhibitions

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Theresa Bastin
2 of 2 found helpful

me and my 5 year old love the British museum, because it is for all ages, also it's free. which is great for us. I am a single mum, so I am always trying to find places to visit, because I don't have the money to go to some of the places that charge. I have love going to the museum ever since my primary school took me. the British museum Is great to look round and also fun and educated my daughter, a great place to learn. keep up the great work British museum.

A Marston
1 of 1 found helpful

The British Museum is a fantastic place to lose yourself for an afternoon -- it's like going on a trip around the world… and its wonderful that it is free and accessible to all. They also put on great events related to their special exhibits. My favorite so far was the Day of the Dead event they had with dancers on stilts performing.

Mary H

I have been to the British Museum several times, at least twenty visits, but there is always more to discover. My first trip was to the Egyptian gallery. I never forgot the wall hangings, the papyrus, the mummies and the jewellery. The other beautiful exhibit that I remember, even now, many years later, was a Sumerian headdress with exquisite gold leaves. Then there were the Native American exhibits, the massive Assyrian sculptures, the illuminated manuscripts, the French coins and miniatures, the Greek statues - and these were but a few of the most striking exhibits. Later I discovered the African masks and the Asian gallery. Recently, I came to the museum in December, and did not go into the Ming exhibition, but found some Ming pieces to see for free in the Asian collection. That collection is not to be missed. There are Hindu, Jain and Buddhist statues and some Ming jewellery and pottery. It was interesting to note that the Ming ladies headdress was an intricate one, made of gold leaves, like the Sumerian headdress I spoke of. I feel as if I have only scratched the surface of this fantastic place, and my ambition is to see more of the collection. I want to spend several days in the museum and really see everything there is to see. It gives an idea of the scope of the collection if I say that, as a reasonably fit person, I am obliged to sit down on one of the may seats available and take three or four rests during the course of each of my visits. It really is so vast. I have never been to the Reading room, that housed so many famous philosophers and writers, during the day. I would certainly love to.

There are many impressive places in London, but this is truly incredible. And it is free.

elizabeth f

The British Museum is the perfect day out for the whole family. The exhibitions are all interesting and there is lots of fun things to do for kids. It's a definite must for anyone visiting London. And it's great that it has free entry, meaning that it us accessible to all!

Victoria A

I love The British museum. There is always so much to see. I really enjoy the guided tour at the  Chinese art section last time. The guided was a good speaker. Very informative, funny ad interesting. Lovely place to visit.

Steven M

Simply one of the best museums in the world giving visitors a tour through man's history and culture. And free except for the special exhibitions.

The café in the old British Library building is great too!

Lisa J

So much to see and so little time. This place will require multiple visits to do it justice!!

carole g

This was the first museum my son (who lives in LOndon) took me when I visited.  It's an amazing space with great collections and English history that gives the viewer so much more than reading a history book!

Colette S

Great for a day out. Wear comfy shoes though. Lots for everyone. My must see section is the Egyptian mummies.

Fiona R

On each visit to London, I have dropped into the British Museum. Its the most wonderful building, full of fabulous items of history and interest. Far too large to do in one visit. Brilliant.And free !

sebastian sasiadek

The world famous British Museum is an absolute icon. As a frequent visitor to BM I had chance to see many great exhibitions and travel in time and space with a ticket for London bus. Past exhibition called "Life and death in Pompeii" was beautifully arranged and let to get into life of real, ancient people who experienced the eruption of the Vesuvius. The building and the Great Court with its spanned roof its worth visit on its own. BM organizes lot of activities for the children which makes it a great place to visit for families, art lovers, travelers and discoverers

Christine Kerr

regularly absorbed and enthralled by the BM `s beautifully presented major exhibitions, My absolute favourite of the BM`s more recent offering was Grayson Perry`s In my view it was a stroke of genius to give the artist the opportunity to compose his own explications for each exhibit which provided the viewer with an intimate understanding of his work , his his genius and his great humanity. I became and remain a huge fan of Grayson Perry, his work and his approach to life. Whilst he is a living exemplar of great art and craftmanship, the BM is to be congratulated on its similar approach currently to its major exhibitions. Long may it continue! If only the BM would upgrade its groundfloor catering enterprise from the existing souless tasteless comfortless token offer and compete effectively in this respect with the rest of London`s main museum and gallery circuit, it would in my opinion put a mark of perfection on its offer as a top cultural visitor attraction


Very well laid out. Easy to navigate with concise and relevant detail.

N. Colaco

This is one of my favorites museum! Spending the day here it is always a chance to revive old exhibitions and to see new ones and also discovering a little bit more of different cultures and civilizations. Every time i go there it is a well spend day.


Could spend hours upon hours here as the museum is vast and constantly changing. The free tours are an absolute treat, the exhibits are fascinating, and the experience overall is brilliant. Something everyone should enjoy.


Just absolutely amazing. Suggesting to go on weekdays rather than weekend and the free tours are worth to try. Loved the money exhibition where you can touch different objects. A great program and can't be bored even if you are going alone.


This is one of my favourite museums in London. I love the permanent Ancient Egypt exhibition in particular. If I am ever in the area and have even half an hour to spare I pop into this exhibition, but there is so much to see here. Most of the museum is free to explore. It's only special exhibits that normally include a charge to see. The main foyer is stunning as well, as are the many excellent special exhibitions. If you are interested in any of the special exhibitions make sure to book as early as you can as I have missed out on some because of their popularity.

George A

Lovely museum.. Fantastic day out, and lovely staff.. One of the best in London, love it :)

svetlana solomonova

British museum is an amazing place where you can find something for averyone. It is certainly worht special visit, but also nipping in when you have a spare couple of hours is great!

Anna Goedeke

I love the British Museum, it's one of the most fascinating museums I've ever entered! I have been there 4 times now and still haven't seen everything, that's how big it is. Will definately go again!

Melanie Randle

There are not many places now where you can go as a family, have fun, learn and all for free! That is why the British Museum is great. There is always something that relates to what the children are learning at school. A great outing for all ages!


The special exhibitions are always amazing and life-affirming. Grayson Perry, Ice Age, Shunga, Pompeii have all been incredible. If you're under 26, you can join via direct debit for £35, which means you get the special exhibitions for free and you never have to queue. Joint membership is even cheaper, if you live with someone, and you get two separate cards so you don't have to go in together!

David Taylor

Great place if you go very early otherwise you'll have to put up with hordes of tourists especially at the popular exhibitions. The central domed ceiling architecture is a nice place to dawdle and watch the hordes of culture vultures and the two cafes at the back of the hall have great food, bit expensive but it is central london after all! The off the beaten track non hyped exhibitions are the place to be as there are plenty and very varied too: so there's lots to see and educate yourself with.

Giacinta Galati-Rando

I really enjoyed some parts of the British Museum like the animal history and the egyptian exhibit. Fantastic if you are interested in Egypt and you can see the Rosetta Stone which is kept here. Recommend for a free tourist attraction!


It's lovely how it covers a little bit of history from nearly everywhere, allowing the viewers to leave with quite a lot more knowledge than upon entrance. Unfortunately, it can be a bit overwhelming as well.

Parul Bhargava

I went to the British Museum this Sunday , 11 AM , 29th Dec 2013 . It was such a great experience . The museum is free of cost . However ,some of the exhibits are paid . The museum is really huge so it is not possible to cover the entire museum in a day . It is advisable to select the sections one is interested in . I went for the Egypt History - Mummies and Roman History . The sections were very informative and detailed . This is a must visit . Also the museum has many souvenir / collection shops providing options to the visitors to buy . They also have places to eat throughout the museum . Must see . Rate 4 stars .

Nina small

Great exhibitions in a beautiful building. Not sure there is enough stuff for children to get involved in and would not be easy for children to learn from.

Kate Oakley

Without a doubt, the British Museum is my favourite place in London. The very fabric of the museum - the stunning architecture and mix of historic and contemporary styles - is in itself beautiful and noteworthy. It suits all ages and interests, even the most reluctant visitor will find an exhibition or room that captures their attention and ignites their curiosity. The museum collection is vast and offers a breadth of international pieces, allowing the viewer an incredibly multi-cultural history experience. This multi-cultural collection is vital in such a cosmopolitan city and for the holistic expanse of history to be encapsulated in a single building. The rolling programme of events and lectures range from traditional dancing from Colombia to lectures surrounding specific pieces within the collection. As a free attraction in London, it ought to be a crime to miss this gem. Membership is an absolute steal; offering options to include a guest pass and entitling you to free entry to all exhibitions, Museum magazines, a members-only room (complete with cloakroom, refreshments and wifi), special members events and more.

Rosemary  Roberts

Absolutely fantastic attraction which is, for the most part, free. We also paid to get into a special exhibition, which was about the volcanic eruption at Pompeii and environs. This was brilliant, informative and well set out with excellent additional commentary provided through ear phones. A visit to the museum is a must!!


we absolutley loved this place so much to see first time ..and will not be the last.. why have never been before

Francesca Albini

The British Museum is a very welcoming place. I like sketching there. It's easy to find a portable stool and there are so many amazing things to draw. You can visit the museum hundreds of times and still discover new interesting things.

lisa adda

Great Place to visit and the best to spend good quality time with children whilst learning about History and visiting the Giant Dinosaurs of couse, my children loved it!

Kelley Parker

I became a British Museum member to guarantee entry to the fantastic exhibitions, amongst the best being Bablyon and The Book of The Dead. Evocative and thought provoking, not only do you step back in time, you step into time.


Fantastic place. You can lose a whole day there and not be bored for a single minute.

Liz ferguson

I have visited this museum hundreds of times, but no matter how often, the place never gets old .. apart from some of the resident antiquities! With a constant influx of new exhibitions and items, the museum never gets boring, and you never tire of it. It's free entry, so is excellent value for money .. especially when outings with children in the city can be expensive. Talking of children, ours love the mummies .. as we do, too. I'd recommend the museum.

Melanie Burton

The British Museum is my husbands absolute favourite museum he has ever been to! We have been there loads of times and every time you go you find something you haven't seen before. It is reaped in history and you feel like the history comes alive when you visit! It is an absolute must see if you are visiting London! It is also free to enter, which makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial situation.


One of the best museums in the world, partly because of all the stuff we've taken, but it does have excellent collections and good presentation. Worth a few visits to try to see all of it.


The first time I visited 3 years ago. It's a different world for me. It's a far cry from me, I entered into a time that takes into countries was like riding on a magic carpet. This spell does not love you SELF-loss attributes almost.

Ruth Beer

First visited the British museum over 40 years ago, loved it then and still love it now. Why? Because it makes history come alive, see it, hear it, be part of it. Now taking my granddaughter and it is still fantastic and still FREE. If you've never been, go. If you've been before, go again! You'll love it.

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