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Will Jones
Will Jones

The Self-Titled Album by Lester and I – Out Now! By William Jones Lester and I are a modern acoustic grunge, blues and folk four-piece who hail from the peaceful boroughs of Gloucestershire in South West England. After finding their sound in Falmouth, Devon, they have just released their first album which if the musical rumor mill is anything to go by, could propel them in the higher echelons of their trade. The ensemble exhibits their ever reaching and far expanding influences from a wide range of musical genres which spread as far as the old style kings of blues such as BB King and Muddy Waters to their possibly more identifiable musical cousins such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgardern, leading to Lester and I announcing themselves as a unique and thoughtful musical property. The album swaggers and sways from meandering melodies of ‘94 Killigrew’, which possess stringed accompaniments far beyond their relative experience would suggest, all delivered with an attitude of a self-confident tender vocalist and incendiary provocatively written lyrics. While into ‘Sleepy Town’ the songs musically represent the band’s closely held roots that propel the music into representing a soundtrack from their surroundings of past and present through a characteristic laid back attitude all overrun by ingenious and intertwining guitar melodies and harmonious bass lines. As the album progresses, tracks such as ‘Sounds Like Thunder’ issue a calm behind the storm decree, underlining the collection of song’s various temperaments whilst showing the unlimited potential talent of the group. This is best demonstrated by songs like ‘Destroy The Boy’ and ‘Over It’ where the four piece ensemble’s album takes the listener into a heavy handed crescendo portraying a much stronger rock influence than the opening songs of the album would suggest. Through a plentiful supply of strong and definite back beats the songs are made all the more curious by subtle guitar tones that unexpectedly grow into fuzzy powerful swellings amid the faintest and most delicate sounds. ‘Poor Bears Don’t Smile’ is a toe-tapping stand-out track of Lester and I’s first creation which is soaked in an infectious curiosity of the bands personal history and musical dynamism, taking the listener to sea side adventures and scenic sun set draped drives home. This repertoire of songs displays the potential to soothe and or unsettle even the darkest and lightest of emotions at any given moment. These guys are for real and there is no messing. While their peers seem to try to make them known on the scene through artistic and untested edgier sounds, Lester and I are here to have a good time by delivering accessible bite size acoustic rock gems to an increasingly overjoyed audience. The debut album is on the cusp of receiving what can be considered as greatly well-deserved critical recognition and most wouldn’t be surprised to hear it either. They have the ability by the bucket load and carry their songs with a permanent wry knowing smile on their faces that mimic their conflicted carefree songs of exuberance and creativity. Watch out, Lester and I have arrived.