Mais Um! New Sounds of Brazil: Gaby Amarantos + Lucas Santtana + Graveola

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Cutting edge Brazilian record label Mais Um Discos presents this showcase of unique sounds from different areas of the country. Singer Santtana from Bahia in east Brazil uses a mix of traditional instruments as well as samples, drawing influences from bossa nova, hip hop, dub and electronica. While northern musician Amarantos from the Amazonian rain forest city of Belém produces tecnobrega (literally 'techno cheese' translated from Portugese), a form of high-energy Europop with R&B-leaning vocals (think Shakira for comparison's sake). Plus Graveola, a band from Minas Gerais in the southeast who create nova-tropicalia – the sound of bossa nova, highlife and rock 'n' roll colliding. The evening is rounded off by DJ Mais Um Gringo.

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