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Proud Camden

Enfolded within Camden Market, this building may have been a horse hospital at one point in its lifetime, but it certainly ain't an animal refuge any more. The cobbled floors remain, as do the stables, but they've been spruced up and turned into booths. The roof terrace has also been revamped with bright colours and twee bunting.

The main space is usually decked with artwork on the walls and also has a stage for live bands. There's a cabaret room on the other side of the venue and, of course, a bar serving up the usual tipples. 

Club nights here usually feature indie-electro, synth-pop, R&B, hip hop and funk. 

Venue name: Proud Camden
Address: The Horse Hospital
Stables Market
Opening hours: 11am-5pm Mon-Sun
Transport: Tube: Chalk Farm
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  • House, disco and techno Until Sunday December 4 2016
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  • House, disco and techno Thursday December 8 2016 - Friday December 23 2016
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  • Rock and indie Friday December 9 2016
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  • House, disco and techno Monday December 12 2016 - Tuesday December 13 2016
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  • Rock and indie Saturday December 17 2016
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  • House, disco and techno Saturday December 17 2016 - Sunday December 18 2016
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  • House, disco and techno Saturday January 7 2017 - Sunday January 8 2017
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  • Punk and metal Saturday April 1 2017
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Kirsty E

I have to say I am very surprised to see so many negative reviews here... in my opinion this remains one of the coolest venues in London!

Not only was this previously stables for horses, but it is now home to some of the quirkiest décor I have ever seen (love the swinging wicker bench!) You can even rent a booth/stable for the night if you are happy to flash the cash!

Ok, the food may not be up to much and it is a bit pricey (£15 entry then £15 for 2 drinks is quite steep), but the atmosphere is always fantastic. This is the place to see and be seen in Camden!


I am reviewing the outdoor bar/food stall of Proud Camden.

One of the worst bar/places to have a drink/food in Camden. 3 people working in total - 2 serving drinks and one preparing food, having to handle huge queues of people.  Of course they can't...Poor quality of food - you can even see the ingredients they use (open kitchen) and most of them are private labeled from nearby Morrisons. When compained to stuff about poor service, they replied that they are aware of the problem and stated that they are stuck in this job having poor upper manager who doesn't take care of the complains. Quite expensive for the quality served and long time waiting. Avoid in any case.

Kishma S

As a night club Proud Camden might be great but considering how abismal the bar experience was it's highly unlikely I'll ever make it inside the club.

The bar currently has a 'wonderland' theme that is advertised on leaflets on the tables but it does not remotely live up to this ideal. None of the decorstions in the imsges are present in thr bar. The bar service is unbareably slow and disorganised-drinks stored in separate bars which means staff have to wander off to complete an order, only one working till. 

Shambolic from start to finish.


You know a show is bad when audience plants are a) needed, and b) just make you feel uncomfortable.

From the beginning the whole experience was bad. We went straight to the bar to get drinks when we arrived. It wasn't too busy but it took a while to be served- mainly because the lady behind the bar tended to serve people who just walked up to it, not people who'd been waiting. She was moaning to colleagues about 'all these vouchers I haven't seen before and no-one has told us about'. We wanted to get a pizza each but she told us we could only order food after the show because the kitchen was so backed-up with orders.

We got a drink and went into the show as it began.

I mentioned the audience plants- well, they (along with security) just seemed to constantly move people around and try get them to sing-along and dance. At one point I had one stand next to me and constantly talk. No idea what they were saying to me, it was totally inaudible over the music, but it was probably along the lines of, 'Isn't this fun! Sing! Ooh I love this song! Dance!'

We felt how the people behind us looked- totally awkward!

Even though we enjoyed most of the music and songs, not knowing all the words to all of them puts you under scrutiny from the performers/ plants/ security who seem to be checking on your level of participation regularly.

It got to the point where the 'fun' was so contrived we just wanted to leave, so we did.

We went back to the bar, ordered pizza- much to the delight of one of the guys making the food (not!-he was clearly annoyed no one was ordering burgers and his small oven wasn't big enough for the demand)-who was making a noise about how many orders he had and sarcastically encouraging more (shouting from the open kitchen, 'yes guys, just order the pizza, that's all we have..').

When we eventually got our pizza, it was surprisingly delicious. But the show? No, not good. Forced fun is never fun.


Nope, nope, nope.

This place could have been such a great address to have in the books. The outdoor area looks so promising – large terrace with a nice, thought-through décor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver at all. Staff is more than rude and very slow. After waiting 45 minutes for an order of burger and pizza, we had the joy of being talked down on by the kitchen staff who didn’t want to look our order up. He tried to give us two burgers that had been sitting at the bar for 20 minutes in exchange. No thank you! Worse is that we were only one of the four tables in the same pickle. Great! And when it finally arrived, the food was average at best…

As for the indoor bit, it looks promising too. Tiny booth with poles everywhere – it seems to be the start of a very fun night out. But unfortunately the ambiance is too trashy for my taste. And again with rude staff, it doesn’t help.

They are so many good places in Camden, please do not waste your time/money/energy there.

Neil K

Proud Camden is quite unique venue with an interesting layout (due to the buildings original use as stables) which has been gloriously preserved and adapted with the stables now acting as private booths which can be hired, but at a price! The main building itself is not huge but rather long and thin, but the outside area adds a fair amount of space and is great for summer evening, and has a decent aditional bar and covered areas for when the weather turns. They do food too and generally the pricing is fairly keen to both for food and drink for the area. Generally it's definitely worth a visit.

Corina B

Despite it being a pretty small venue I really enjoy going because it is always interesting to fluctuate between the different rooms they have available as each space has a different atmosphere and I think this is the reason I enjoy going so much. The location is great, and from my experience the music and the crowd are ok too, although not ideal. Would recommend for a relaxed night out.

Chelsey C

The Secret Garden is suitable for even the British weather with heaters and canopies and if you're lucky enough to nab a seat in the snug then there is very little chance you will move from there all night!

Following on with the hot tub craze, they have installed one so near to the bar that the staff could practically throw you a drink. Not prepared for an al fresco dip? Proud also provide swimwear and towels so there are no excuses. Except concern for your personal hygiene.

The acoustic singers can sometimes be a little unpleasant - speaker feedback, down tempo songs and asking for donations at the end of their set, but if you are patient enough, the music inside is always worth waiting for!


It's relatively small, having just two small dance floors. It's fun to go to once or twice, but it's always packed and crammed full of people with no space to dance. I don't recommend booking a stable either.