The Alban Arena


Civic Centre, St Albans

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  • Address:

    The Alban Arena Civic Centre, St Albans
    AL1 3LD

  • Map

    1. The Alban Arena
      • Civic Centre, St Albans
        AL1 3LD
      • 51.752941,-0.336349

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Rating: 3/5

Sometimes you find yourself wishing for an alternative version of the film unfolding before your eyes. ‘Belle’ is a good-looking and exceedingly polite film where perhaps a more complex one with less good manners would have been better. It’s the stor...

  • Wed Aug 27:

    • 13:30
    • 19:30

Edge of Tomorrow

Rating: 3/5

It’s not summer until you’ve eaten your first Magnum or Tom Cruise has saved the planet. At 51 (but looking like a boy of 35), Cruise is battling a spidery race of aliens called Mimics in Doug Liman’s action sci-fi blockbuster. The film’s ‘Groundhog...

  • Fri Jul 25:

    • 19:30


Rating: 3/5

Sometimes a piece of perfect casting goes a long way: Angelina Jolie only has to cock one mildly perturbed, ruthlessly arched eyebrow to upstage all the fairy dust swirling around her in Disney’s uneven rethink of its classic villainess. Jolie is a t...

  • Sat Aug 30:

    • 11:00

A Thousand Times Good Night

Rating: 3/5

This film from Norwegian photojournalist-turned-director Erik Poppe is supposedly personal, drawing heavily on experiences in his former job. So it’s odd that this tasteful, mildly diverting human interest tale feels so much like the work of another...

  • Thu Jul 24:

    • 19:30

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