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Top ten London gigs in October

Check out our round-up of the best gigs in London this autumn

London’s autumn gig calendar is always packed, and there’s no reason why this year would be an exception. Among our October gig highlights you’ll find rising stars alongside veterans and legends. Here are our must-see concerts in London this month.

© Rob Greig/Time Out

Nadine Shah

Critics' choice

A childhood spent on the stormy coast of north-east England seems to have bred a glowering intensity in Nadine Shah, or rather in the dramatic gothic ballads she writes and performs. Shah began her career as a jazz vocalist – hence the superb vibrato and captivating stage presence – but nowadays she’s backed by a full band making a clangorous, discordant rock racket that complements her bold melodies very nicely indeed. Hear her here performing from her brilliant new album ‘Fast Food’, a gallery of remembered loves that runs the full range from scathing to tender. There are good reasons why she keeps getting compared to Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.

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01 Oct 2015


Critics' choice

If you’ve lost your libido, forget Viagra and shell out instead on a ticket for this big London date with US R&B superstar Miguel. He just dropped his new album ‘Wildheart’, so this big London show is a chance to hear him croon fresh material alongside epic babymaking anthems like ‘Adorn’. His silky tones and deft songwriting could get a crumbling statue in the mood for sexy-time.

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13 Oct 2015
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