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    The Islington Tolpuddle Street
    N1 0XT

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Albert Lee And Hogan's Heroes

Country, Rock 'n' roll, Blues

Ace British country-rock and blues guitarist who's worked with all the greats including Clapton, Emmylou Harris and Joe Cocker.

  1. Sat Oct 11
  2. The Islington
  3. £20
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Marcus Salisbury
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Agree with GENUINE reviews here..I've lived across the road from this pub for 15 years and its always struggled, five or so ago it played the obvious "gentrification" card but it seemed to me to be just apeing what was required rather than being taken over by genuine artisan foodie types (the way the process should happen) as a result the food, decor and beer all seems to be a hotch potch this is improving by trial and error and now its putting on music. When sarah neufold played I decided I'd give it a go...the experience nailed the coffin lid for me mainly because they PRETEND gigs start at 6!! we missed dinner and hurried over only to be kept waiting in a bar stiffled by a private party (!) until USUAL GIG TIME so we were starving when we could have eaten and made it fine, its obviously a ploy to get you to buy drinks (which are pricey-2 x330ml ales £9.40!) The crowd were mostly weird fashion types who seemed more at home with champagne and cat walks and the door man (promoter) very odd, vague about a ticket booking I was anxious about as I'd had no confirmation ("show me what you got and we'll work something out"??) didnt seem to know if I'd booked when he let us in..? and then insisted to checking our stamp EVERY time we went out and came in..weird..I would continue to avoid this

William Grant
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An overpriced pub with an offish and rude doorman who seemed hell bent on starting a fight with some kids the night I went . Poor service and a blight on Islington by and large. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE !

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First of all I would like to say how suspicious the good reviews are on this site as they were all submitted on the same day and were enough to push most of the bad reviews off the front page!!!! They also sound suspiciously like the dribble that the horrible little owner unfolds on you to get your business!!! Avoid holding any events or parties here as this obnoxious little man will promise you the world and then gradually take back everything he promised! The place has a cold uncomfortable feeling to it especially if the owner is there and my guests actually commented on the uncleanliness of the place! Avoid this place if not just so you do not have to encounter THE OWNER!!!!!

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I'd like to warn anyone who is looking to do business with this owner! We put a £400 deposit down in Feb 2013 for our wedding reception in August. Keeping this horror story short, the owner completely ignores us for about 3 months. My problems don't end there - a very rude person on one day, then someone who sells you the world the next. He won't put anything in writing, avoids emails and ignores texts/calls, very hard to find in person (especially if you work full time and need to catch him in the evenings and weekends)... WAIT FOR IT, he also doesn't have a drinks price list (so he can charge you what he wants), doesn't fix his faulty toilet doors and lights... claims to have an external kitchen but just calls up the local Italian for a delivery (not a bad thing, but why can't you just be honest??) We lost all trust and hope and he now won't return our deposit when he doesn't even have formal terms agreed. ATROCIOUS, VILE AND WILL NEVER RECOMMEND HIS BUSINESS TO ANYONE. He will face the full force of the legal system that protects consumers.

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Definitely something up with their beers on tap. Tried Heineken and Asahi - definitely not the Heineken and Asahi I know. Tasted watery and more like Carling or something....I won't be going back.

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What a miserable, horrid little man the owner/manager is of this place is. I visited this establishment the other day to see an artist Ive been waiting to see for a number of years and had the unfortunate situtaion of having to deal with this bloke. The man has no regard for customer service at all. A horrible experience and I shall be echoing this review across other review based websites. I would say the concert was great but completely put off by this rude and obnoxious owner. I have also noted that a number of other people have voiced the same opinion. Avoid at all costs.

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Echo other comments. Horrible owner. Cancelled a film screening of Ken Loach's Spirit of '45 one hour and a half before it was due to show tonight. No regard for organisers - just dumped on previous agreement and demanded £200 in cash (for a FREE film showing). Lots of swearing and threats of violence. A pub to be avoided, especially if you are an event organiser.

Jeanette Sirandou
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Owner was rudest and most obnoxious man ever met. I think he genuinely wanted customers to be unhappy!

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Really horrible place to spend an evening. Nice decor, I'm sure but the landlord was so foul that it made it very hard to handle! All the staff very clearly terrified of him! Please don't come here! Also very overpriced!

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Really shocked. Passive aggressive manager. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Steve Dale
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The owner was one of the rudest people we have ever encountered, anywhere. £5 for a pint! Decor is mind numbingly dull. Bar staff look mistreated. Zero vibe. Nil. What is happening to our city?

Liz S

Great little live music venue - I went there on Wednesday night this week (09/07/14) to see Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - and what an amazing thing to behold they were! -, and I'm going back there tomorrow night (12/07/14) to see Bob Wayne, who I can't get enough of.

The events guy at The Islington is one seriously cool dude who clearly utterly adores live music and spreading his enthusiasm for it all over London.

You must go there if you like (or, like me, love) live music!

Ellen R

Rip-off joint for trendy bankers. Tiny range of poorly selected drinks, sold at daylight robbery prices.

Pint of Coca Cola costs 5 quid! Single whisky costs 5 quid! (10 quid a double!) WHY?

Characterless pub, zombie staff. Avoid.

(If you see a gig here, nip out for drinks to the reasonable and friendly pub on the corner called The Angelic.)

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I love this place. Great room for live music, very cool vibe, & friendly staff!

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One of the better bars by far, The Islington seems to be catching up and getting everything on the tick list. Sophisticated interiors? Check. Interesting selection of beer? Check. Clean toilets? Check. Great Music? .. well this seems to be the part where The Islington gets it spot on. There is no other place in North London where you see such spectacular music programming. City and Color, Lisa Hannigan and Arcade Fire have supposedly played here in recent times. It does seem that the bar caters more for the 25+ customer base, oh, and they cater for vegans. Overall, a bar that is emerging as a little gem. it's always the quiet ones!

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The best kept secret in London! .. I saw Sarah Neufeld from Arcade Fire play here last week and the experience was absolutely amazing! The Islington is a very cozy and seductive little bar with a beautiful Tinderbox like venue attached. The drinks : An above average selection of Craft Beers from around the world ( I had an Einstok Icelandic Toasted Porter!), Brooklyn and Harvistoun on tap, Wines seemed to be old world (french, Italian), some guys were drinking coffee nearing Midnight. The Decor : Sexy lighting in the bar, snuggly chesterfields. The Venue : A little venue draped with red curtains .. kind of like a womb! .. a very relaxed crowd, the people here seemed to be soaking up the atmosphere, this bar even gets the background music right - where else are you going to hear Bowie's Lodger in full at 8pm??? The Toilets : Spotless, painted bright white! ..The Staff : Very friendly, chatty and attentive. Sarah came to the bar after the show and chatted away with all the people at the bar .. what a great way to end the evening. Highly recommended for people who love great music and interesting drinks.

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Seeing honey honey here in a week. Well good, gonna be mint

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the drinks aresimilar prices to other places in london, but the bands are great and the sound system is also good. we had fun here. coming again in about a week

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looking forward to seeing honeyhoney here. lots of good names play here and the music is always of a high standard. love it.recommend it

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had a great time at the islington. really nice place to see bands and chill with mates. good drinks and great atmpsphere.

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went xmas shopping and then saw a gig at the islington. was a good night and the venue is also nice. london is the best for live music and this was a treat

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This venue is nice. We had a good time. It was quite quiet when we went there but the bands kinda made it more intimate. It's a cool place to check out new bands and I will be coming back :)

Glenn Burchell
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Aware of a significant number of negative reviews I can only speak on what I found and that is a pleasant nicely furnished bar and and a small music venue that tonight rocked and sweated to 'Ferocious Dog'. Efficient bar staff, clean loos - no evidence of a grumpy or nasty owner. I would flinch at the drinks prices, if it's a pub then it's bordering upon extortion, if it's a venue then I guess I would pay the same or more at the O2 for some euro fizz. Also would question the carefully selected craft beers tag, unless you count a few US bottles or a bottles of 'landlord'. Great little venue overall though!

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The Islington is a great new venue I discovered last week by accident when I was in car park for Sainsbury me and my wife popped in for one ended up get taxi home live music was great pity frozen food in car but was worth it.

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I would like to recommend this venue to anyone who follows live music it is a great new addition to angel I had a great time and cant understand reviews from people making comments about owner I go to a place to enjoy myself not to think I am above management and should be treated different .

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Went back for a second visit and this place is spot on. Extremely warm, charming but sleek/cool too. Drinks were excellent. Service was very quick. The people behind this have a first class aesthetic. Will definitely be coming back here for a long time to come. Excellent addition to Islington.

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My new favourite in Angel!

I have been watching them work on this space for months, excited to see what was coming..... and it is fabulous! 

Great atmosphere, excellent selection of wines and cocktails (although we didn't try one the list looks amazing). Can't wait to take my husband there - I know he is very excited to try the pizzas. Congratulations to the owners on a another fabulous bar in Islington.

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My "go to" spot when having drinks with friends. ambience, service, and value are all top notch at The Islington. The cocktails are consistently excellent and although it's a somewhat "hotspot" there is no attitude here, love that. On a recent night out with a friend we were able to linger over our drinks at the bar without the bar staff nudging "want another round?" ....I respect that! .... I've been here eight times before writing this review. Go and try it.

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I bookmarked The Islington a couple months ago when they were mentioned in Time Out magazine for the Yasmine Hamdan show - but only got to sample the drinks last night. Their bar is beautiful and agree 100% with review on the lighting and bathroom (cool candles!). The Islington has a minimalist feeling and the white walls with the curtains actually reminded us of a living room - but not in a good way. The bar had plenty of men and women manning it so you will get served in no time. Beware these £7 cocktails pack a punch: I got the "Negroni" with Hendricks Gin, Campari, Carpano, Antica, Grapefruit Bitters ~ very bitter but very good!! My boyfriend got the House Infused Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Tart Cherry, Angostura bitters ~ sweet at first with a smokey after taste .. perfect. Will definitely be going back to try the pizzas!

Simon Prescot
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Perfect venue to upgrade your regular drink scene. Candles light up the room in old fashioned candelabras and beautiful plush maroon curtains divides the back bar area from a private music area (I think I saw a private concert going on the last time I was there). Great beers spirits and cocktails and better than average whiskey collection. It's romantic and sophisticated, yet casual and accommodating. I will definitely be back soon and will continue to plan events here as well!!! Thank you for making our birthday night a great celebration!

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Music venue = great local gigs + Friendly staff + BROOKLYN BEER ON TAP! + free samples of bar snacks in the street! + Boris bike docking station RIGHT OUTSIDE + breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner + decent pub food + tea, coffee & snacks + private room for hire + end of my street...

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What a find! .. Tucked neatly away from Upper Street you will find one of the most friendliest bars you will ever encounter. Seems like a world away from the hustle and bustle of Islington. Think a laid back "vibe" bar in Brooklyn.. a neighborhood bar where you can relax and have a craft beer or a coffee. Laze away the afternoon or the evening with your boy or girl. A great place for a first date, massive chesterfield sofas and beautiful attentive staff make the hours pass by lightning fast. Islington's best kept secret ... for now.

Susan cray
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A hidden gem of sorts; bang in the centre of Angel whilst still managing to slip away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, The Islington manages to strike a perfect balance between homely comfort and chic. Music is the order of the day; a beautiful stage occupies a corner of the room without invading the place - you can get up close to the performers at the candlelit tables, or stand by the bar, or sit further back whilst enjoying the selection of food on offer. A fine range of wines, drafts and ciders are available at competitive prices. The music usually consists of a solo acoustic performer or stripped back band line ups, which means you can hear yourself think and still enjoy some quality entertainment. I've seen the place packed and you can hear a pin drop. The staff are friendly, attentive and willing to go the extra mile, so it ticks all of the boxes on service. All in all a fantastic place if you're looking for something central and a little different and special without having to spend the earth. Highly recommended.

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My first time at The Islington yesterday. Brooklyn Brewery on draught is a nice touch along with the other Craft brews such as Harviestoun and Goose Island. Bartenders are friendly and informal, Leather couches make me want to curl up with a good book and drink the afternoon away! The best part? This place is only improving as the owners are prepping for a large outdoor seated area come the summer months. If things go according to plan, this place will be competing with the established favourites quicker than you can ask for a Erdinger Weissbrau. A new and welcome addition.