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Venue details

  • Address:

    Barnyard 18 Charlotte Street
    W1T 2LY

  • Venue phone:

    7580 3842

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  • Opening hours:

    Open noon-midnight Mon-Sat; noon-4pm Sun.

  • Transport:

    Goodge Street or Tottenham Court Road tube

  • Price:

    Meal for two with drinks and service: around £40.

  • Map

    1. Barnyard

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Sophie L
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Honestly, I don't get the hype.

The food was nice - nothing other than that. If anything I was actually quite disappointed. I eat out a lot and can recommend so many great restaurants. Sadly, this one is not on the list. 

Alexander A
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An astonishing review. The concept is nice on paper but it totally failed to live up to expectations. The staff were lovely but it all felt a little forced - the no grazing policy at the bar is a strange one but the food was the biggest disappointment of the evening. Perhaps the bar has been raised by other restaurants, but the food here was totally unremarkable. The shakes were awful and although not expensive, if you are going to serve small portions on a small menu each dish should wow. Sadly not a single one did.


we loved it. it's the first restaurant that i've been to where the staff seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. enjoyed the food and enjoyed the atmosphere.

matt b

Couldn't get in the first time I tried because of a 3 hour wait. Went back a week later at an earlier time and managed to get a table no problem... In all honestly I wish I had saved the £100. Some of the food was nice and the quality was ok, but the portions were laughable, I have not recommended this place to anyone and will not. RIP-OFF

Jeremy B

Wasn't impressed. Very fatty meat; tiny portions - suitable sizes for small children. We tried most of the menu and nothing was memorable. The service was good, but I didn't come for that.

I didn't make it in. Went there at 6PM on Friday after work. Got there, was approached almost immediately after entering the venue so quick service there... only to be told they were full for the evening. Slightly taken aback I assumed it had been fully booked so enquiring about a second visit, asked how far in advance to book. The staff member started smiling and told me they didn't take bookings. More baffled I asked how can they be full then surely its up to an hour or two to wait or something? He smiled further and told me it was a 4 to 5 hour wait for a table for 2 with only 10 people on the waiting list. If I ever make it in I'll revisit this review but till then, frustrating experience at the door.

Marie C

I have tried to have dinner there twice.. And two failures: first time, I had to queue 2h so we gave up and decided to come back another time... The second experience was worse... As we finally got a table, I experienced the worse staff in town: condescending, rude... in order not to ruin the whole evening, we didn't even make it to try the food as we decided to pay for the bottle of Wine we had already ordered (not drunk yet though...) and leave this place as soon as possible

Paul C

I have been on two occasions both times I was shocked by how rude and condescending the staff were.  I thought I'd give them the benefit of doubt and come again but wish I hadn't. Pretentious, stuck up and hugely unwelcoming. Frankly that ruined whatever good I could say about the food.  Never going back.


Maybe not having to queue helped, arriving on a sunny afternoon for a late lunch, able to sit by the windows... but even if we had had to wait, I think the food would have made up for it. 

The food's not so much "wow"  - which is too often associated with flash presentation and expensive ingredients (and an over-spend on décor) - as simply well thought through and excellently executed i.e. really good, skilled cooking.

The "JACKET POTATO WITH SMOKED BUTTER - £3 " - so simple, sooooooo good, never seen it anywhere else, something I'll try to copy, for sure! Ditto the "CHARRED BROCCOLI VINAIGRETTE - £3" -  you have to prefer your veg nearly raw (which I do) but a really successful twist: quality, dark-green, properly fresh broccoli, smoky singed flavour, light vinaigrette - delish! 

I'm  surprised the reviewer didn't try the two higher priced dishes - the only two costing double figures, Yes Folks! everything else on the menu under a tenner! can you believe it :-)  


In both cases, bang on! Suckling Pig is a Spanish speciality and we've sampled it all over Spain (lived there since 1982) and this was perfect: meat sweet, soft, drooly, and the crackling crisp and -yes- thin! so not a trip-to-the-dentist crackling where it's the tooth that crack(ling)s!

And the beef: we were a bit reluctant to order, as we prefer a high sear, just-on raw (Josper) but again, right on! - apparently simple concept yet hard to do, to produce a 1-inch+ thick wee brick of BBQ-flavoursome meat that's still moist, the celeriac and caraway a great off-set.

Nobody tried a pudding yet? - the "APPLE & CLOUDBERRY CRUMBLE WITH CLOTTED CREAM - £4" does what it says on the label, but does it right-on, not mucked about

Don't expect Haute Cuisine and frills, do expect imaginative, really well priced, Good Cooking thrills

One star missing - not for the food but for the only-four wines, but the Sicilian red we had was unpretentious, well made and properly priced - the Key Note to Barnyard

oliver l

finally i came with my friends to try your food guys, i dont know what even to say, such a big boom! but its not how its look. i love fine dining small portions and fancy stuff, dont get me wrong, but this is pornography. and service its was the biggest disappointment!

Carol O

Good food but ignore the server suggestion to order 3 dishes each in advance which helps them to turn tables quicker rather than helping you enjoy your meal. Everything you order comes at the same time so you can have a full table of food with half the dishes going cold while you are enjoying the others. Better idea to order a couple of plates, enjoy and then order more.  


A no booking policy meant we waited over an hour at the tiny bar for a table talking over a loud playlist of old Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and honky-tonk blues. Worth it? Well...yes. Oliver Dabbous's new country cousin food spot is casual, low cost, quick turn over dining, which unlike Dabbous, are factors that may not appeal to the super-fabulous. However Barnyard does deliver where it counts... with the cooking. And that's good enough to keep even the most impatient foodies happy!