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    Big Easy - Kings Road 332-334 Kings Road
    SW3 5UR

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    £26 to £40

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    1. Big Easy - Kings Road

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I'm confused about the 5 star rating - ahh, it's not a Time Out review. I really wanted to enjoy our meal at the Big Easy - we used to go here relatively often about 5 years ago. I have never written a bad review but after spending £102 for 2 on a disappointing meal I think the following needs to be said. Atmosphere: Great, loud, 'All American'. The tables are crammed in with centimetres between them - you really do intrude on your neighbours' conversation in order to talk over the loud music. Not the best setting for a date night. Drinks: We both wanted a margarita - after spying the small size of the cocktail glasses, we opted for a pitcher. A classic margarita at Big Easy is fluorescent green, plonked on your table with no straws and does not pour. Hmm... After asking for some help, we were equipped with two plastic straws to either share the pitcher or to scoop the drink out of the pitcher into our glasses. I felt as if I was back at a student bar.... Yay. Except that I had paid £30 for the pitcher. After a half pitcher of slush puppy each, we were both still sober. £30 for a drink with no alcochol - really?! Food: The descriptions are fabulous. Despite the noise and the close proximity of your fellow diners, you could enjoy the experience if the food lived up to the hype. Our double baked potato skins were shells filled with cheese. That's it. The Jalapenos were great, but only 4 in a portion - the bottom of the bowl is filled with nachos. The calamari was a bland disappintment. That said, our main meal of ribs/chicken and fries was decent enough. Good meat on the ribs, however there was a bitter aftertaste with the BBQ sauce. Loved the french fries. Such a shame!

Mr K

I found this place about a month ago and now I can't stop coming back and sending all my friends there. If you are a fan, and like me, have been struggling for so long to find an amazing U.S. BBQ & Seafood restaurant, this is a place for you. Very reasonably priced despite it's prominent location and worth every penny. As fat as I know, it's the best value Maine Lobster in London, amazing steaks and ribs smooth like butter! Every day is a different deal, I would especially recommend the Surf & Turf night and 'The big pig gig' (All you can eat BBQ). Downstairs is a bit more crowded and lower ceilings might make you feel like there is not much space. They host live music there, so it's great to get a table for a louder company or celebration. However if you are looking to bring a date, or your mother, a reservation upstairs will allow you to have a bit more of a 'normal talking volume' experience.


Yes yes yes! Finally a place in London which has both amazing seafood and BBQ. The deals are great especially through out the summer with the Lobster festival. Can't get any better/cheaper Maine lobster in London (to my knowledge). I highly recommend this place! The only negative would be the margaritas-- out of a slushy machine, which is not what you want, but I can look over this fact since the food is so darn tasty!