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    Breads Etcetera 127 Clapham High Street
    SW4 7SS

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    Open 10am-10pm Tue-Sat; 10am-4pm Sun

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    Tube: Clapham Common or Clapham North tube

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    Main courses £5-£9.25

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    1. Breads Etcetera

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Beth R

The perfect place to enjoy your Saturday/Sunday brunch whether you're feeling fresh or worse for wear. The staff are very attentive and friendly making you feel totally relaxed and cared for. The food is always top quality and since it's all you can eat freshly made, straight out of the oven bread you'll leave feeling completely full! I love the atmosphere - the leather booths, vintage toasters and water 'jars' really give it a warm, cosy feel. Also love the £5 pizza's in the evening :) This place deserves 5 stars!

Lily E

I used to love this place, I went relatively regularly (probably more than once a month for the past two years), but recently it's really gone to the dogs.

Something has gone wrong, which is a real shame.

My last three visits:

1. The cable of the on-table toaster started sparking, and fizzing, hissing, covering my clothes with electrical sparks. the waiter didn't notice, and when I mentioned it (a little shaken up) he didn't apologise and acted as if it was nothing

2. I presume the owner/manager could be overheard having a loud and aggressive phone call with a supplier, it was really off putting to hear such aggression and near shouting-volume while I'm eating my breakfast

3. The most recent time, the butter was distinctly sour and smelled cheesy, I presume it was off

I am applying a 'three strikes and your out' policy, so won't be visiting again, which is a real shame as I used to love popping over there, either alone or with friends, for lovely fresh sourdough toast and a cup of coffee.


want some great breakfast? GO THERE :) this is my favorite place ever. everything is fresh. with DIY breakfast you get unlimited bread (different kind fresh!) and every table has its own toaster :) its yummy all the way

Almara Abgarian

This place has the best service, most delicious mouth watering dishes and a lovely feel to it. We come here all the time for hangover service, which always includes a knowing smile from the servants as well as large quantities of bread. A place that gives you your own toaster? A-MA-ZEBalls.

Lindsey Davis

I love this place for breakfast and dinner too! Not many people know that it's there for dinner and they're really missing out. It's a totally different atmosphere to breakfast and is super warm and cosy, with delicious pizzas, salads and wine all very reasonably priced!


Amazing cosy little cafe! Great scones and coffee! Helena was a big help for our New Years plans!

Laura Eagle

I had heard many good things about this delightfully cosy restaurant/bakery, so on deciding to visit with my partner for Saturday breakfast, my expectations were high. And I'm thrilled to say that neither of us were disappointed. The popularity of this restaurant did mean queueing for 15mins outside, however we were continually kept up to date with the progress of vacant tables and fed free samples of their divine homemade scones and muffins. These baking delights continued when encouraged to help ourselves to their sourdough breads (including two types of rye), to then take to our own personal toasters, accompanied by homemade jams. The menu was specific but varied so as to suit whichever mood you may be in - whether it 's some heart-warming porridge, or a refreshing dish named "Victoria's Breky", made up of salmon, dill mayonnaise and scrambled eggs (my personal favourite!). All coffee fans would be impressed by their own house roast, I sampled a delicious, non bitter cappuccino. And the Hot Chocolate was to die for. One of the best's I've had in London! The attention paid to us throughout our morning kept our spirits high, great customer service up until we left the restaurant. This is a little gem of a place, with a buzzing atmosphere and a completely unpretenscious environment. One which I couldn't leave without buying myself a walnut sourdough loaf to take home and feed to my friends so that they could get a taster for our experience. Very much looking forward to returning and testing out their sourdough pizzas which supposedly out do Franco Manca'!!


Fantastic breakfasts! We ordered 4 quite different options and all arrived together with each one looking impressive. I was told the flat whites were also very good by my friends My fiancé has a dairy intolerance and when she asked for an alternative to butter for the signature toast options, the kind chap popped down the road to buy her a suitable dairy free alternative! Great food, great service, great experience – Top Marks!


FAB FOOD, GREAT service... I cannot find fault even at busy times. queueing is part of it, once your in you can toast away!

gary manchester

came across this place by accident. Had a very nice breakfast there. baked eggs were great. Bread was great. service when we visited on both mornings was very good. Def worth a visit.


Came back for the first time on thursday after my first visit when they first opened up a good 5 years ago. Was truly dissapointed to say the least. Was not busy at all yet with at least 5 members of staff, including the kitchen staff I could see there was little intrest in keeping the customers happy. Seemed like half of them werent getting on and looked like they didnt want to be there! Ordered soft bolied eggs but instead the eggs were well cooked and delivered with bits of egg shells! Staff to disintrested to even come and ask if food was ok so didnt even bother to bring it up. Quickly asked for the bill after nearly burning my hand on my latte which was served in a glass...and nearkly choking after finding they had put on a service charge on my bill!!...what service?? Bring back the olden days!!!

Bex Johnston

I went here this morning after my while family had recommended it. Lovely atmosphere, gorgeous food, average coffee. However I was highly unimpressed at the 12.5% service charge added to my bill when I could find NOTHING in the cafe anywhere that started service charge would be automatically included on my bill. That had put me off going back.


Just another gimmicky cafe catered for local Aussies and other numpties that are still wasted from last nights drinking and need stodge to soak it all up. Fine if you want to go and spend £15 on a breakfast with the only thing good about it is the bread. The rest of the food is ropey, and well who really cares about service? It's a cafe, not a Michelin star restaurant so I won't pay for it. The only novelty about the place is the décor and the toasters that sit on the tables with toast coasting a whopping price (it should come free with the amount you spend). What's the point of it all?


I'm a little underwhelmed by this morning's visit to say the least. Friday morning, not v busy, plenty of staff on and yet, attracting their attention was like pulling teeth... Confused by how highly rated it is to be honest.


great place. we had amazing full english breakfast. awesome bread!:) must visit when u in london :))) note- there is always queue on doors but its worth a wait!


Brilliant food, great service, lovely ambience - best place in Clapham for breakfast.


Love this place, been recently and had no problem with the staff and it's the best place to have breakfast i've found so far in london, full english is huge plus you can top it up with as much lovely bread as you want. playing some jurassic 5 last time i was there, great vibes and very chilled if you can get there for a quiet period i.e. not weekend. going there right now for some breakfast!


tried their new pizza menu and it's very disappointing. way too much cheese, and thick stodgy base. definitely will not recommend / go again for pizzas.


I ordered the baked eggs with bacon and mushrooms. It barely contained any bacon, mostly just fat, and was swimming with water because obviously the mushrooms hadn't been fried off before cooking in the eggs so they'd leaked their fluid inside the dish. In short, horrible food with bad, scowling service. This place used to be good but the quality today was appalling. All it's got now is the toaster-on-table gimmick and that's not enough.


Weirdly we ffound the manager abrupt as well, but I think he's just keeping on top of a busy cafe... That said the bread is awsome the concept good yes it's a little expensive but for a one off good fun and very tasty. Soft boilled eggs and bacon, Salmon and scrambled eggs, loads a toast 2 teas and 2 cappacino's £26.