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Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out

The Soho branch of the two-dish surf 'n' turf specialist, with some wicked desserts if you're sensible enough to leave space for them.

Proof that less can be more, the late 2011 launch of Burger & Lobster, with its no-nonsense, three-item menu of burger, lobster, or lobster roll, was a runaway hit. This second branch – a large Soho diner tricked out with lobster-red banquettes – is no less popular, with all the seats on our midweek visit occupied and a loud, jaunty atmosphere. While it’s possible for groups or lunchtimers to book, this joint is geared towards walk-ins, with a clipboard waiting list and a cocktail bar for loitering.

Food costs £20, an all-in price that includes a huge carton of thin-cut fries and even a side salad: you won’t go hungry here. Our burger, cooked medium-rare as requested, came classically filled with lettuce, tomato and red onion, plus thick-cut bacon and a melted square of processed cheese. It’s pretty good, but for ultimate value, choose the lobster. We had ours in the shell: a 1lb whole crustacean, first steamed, then grilled, for a terrific balance of subtle sweetness with just a lick of smoke. For an extra £10, you can upgrade to a whopping two-pounder, but we prefer to leave room for a sweet treat: the Snickers-in-a-tub pud saw rich chocolate mousse layered on to a devilish peanut-studded salt caramel. Cheery staff smooth the ride along.

Venue name: Burger & Lobster
Address: 36 Dean Street
Opening hours: Meals served noon-10.30pm Mon-Sat; noon-10pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square tube
Price: Main courses £20

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Alex C
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Only go if you're desperate for lobster. The burger is overrated and there's are plenty of better burger options in London. Steer clear of dessert, especially the cheese, unless you like low grade cheddar straight out of the fridge. If you do go I'd recommend the Clerkenwell restaurant as it's not full of tourists like you find in central London.

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Last night (15-12-2012) my partner, my brother and myself decided to go eat at your Soho restaurant but regretfully we had to leave because of the behavior of your floor manager who almost shouted at us. We entered into the restaurant around 21.30, and as it was quite busy we tried to catch the waitress' attention to find out how to get a table: there was nobody by the entrance and we decided to start walking towards the bar. We came past three waiters (2 girls and a boy) who were talking around the cutlery wall, we stopped in front of them and tried to make eye contact but nobody approached us, so we decided to try to find another waiter in the other part of the room. Not finding anyone we headed back towards the bar still looking for someone to approach us. On our way back to the bar we were suddenly approached by who we believe was the floor manager (as he was wearing a suit instead of a uniform; mid-thirties, dark mid length hair) who yelled at us "What are you two trying to do, get a table without asking for it? You don't just sit down where you want, there is three people at the entrance (referring to the waitresses who completely ignored us before) and you need to go and talk to them. Go back and talk to them". I tried to reply to explain that we would have asked for a table if any of the waiters had approached us; I wanted to remark that if I had come this far without talking to anyone it wasn't my fault but his staff's; but he didn't even listen and walked past us and started chatting to a member of staff. I work in customer services as well and from experience, every time we go to a restaurant it is the staff's duty to approach customers and not let them wander looking for help. In order to try to make our experience better, the manager should have probably offered his help instead of questioning our intentions or trying to embarrass us. We felt so disappointed by the service we received that we decided to go eat at Honest Burger where the food and the service were amazing. Due to his behavior you have lost three customers who would have spent money in your restaurant, and it is very likely we were not the only ones who have been mistreated by your staff. As we both work in a customer service environment we understand that treating customers like that is completely unacceptable and disrespectful. We felt embarrassed and belittled as we were yelled at in the middle of the restaurant in front of all customers and members of staff. I am writing this complaint as I hope it will help you sort your staff's attitude in order to prevent these incidents from happening again. I do hope you understand our point of view and that your floor manager gets to read this email in order to understand that the customer's perception and the quality of the service offered is the key for success and is what makes customers want to come back.

john a


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A lot of people on here are complaining about bad service, but our service was actually pretty good. A friend & I figured after a long week, we'd make good on our plans to finally go here and try it out after a few friends recommended it. On a budget, we'd taken the time to save for what we assumed would be a very expensive meal, which turned out to actually be not as expensive as we'd imagined.

Our waiter was a very polite young guy, who helped us whenever we needed it and was very attentive to each table he was serving. We were more than impressed with this, and left him a sizeable tip as a result. If we needed more drinks, he was more than happy to bring them; along with a pitcher of water as he suggested, and was more than happy to explain the menus to us in more depth. While you can only order three dishes - whole lobster, lobster brioche roll or beef burger at £20 each flat price - the drinks menu is very ample, and layed out to show which drinks go with which meal well. Our waiter was great, suggesting drinks he personally thought were best with the whole lobster we both ordered. However, it has to be said we would not order a beef burger for £20; if lobster is on the same menu at the same price, it seems more than a little silly not to order that.

The drinks can work out pricey; but our meal came to overall just under £60 for the two of us, as we relied on what drinks the waiter recommended. 

The lobster was also very nicely done. For your price you not only get a whole lobster, but also a choice of sauces, how you want the meat of the fish cooked, and a salad and chips. The salad and chips are not large portions like the lobster, but this is very understandable as we left very full and more than satisfied; it was a struggle to finish the sides when the meat in itself was so large.

I would definitely go here again; it's a chain restaurant, but it's not too full of itself and offers good choices fora decent price. 

Martin F


Overpriced food and dreadful service. Our main waiter was very nice but any others were incredibly rude. When my (overpriced) can of beer exploded the waitress asked if I'd 'shaken it up' and was then sniffy about replacing it. They were also desperate to take things away from the table during the meal, so much so that we had someone's plate taken away when they went to the bathroom, despite the rest of us still eating and there being food left on his plate. Food itself was okay but incredibly overpriced.

Kitch and Kitch

We went on 9th October for our 30th wedding anniversary, can't recommend enough,the staff were really lovely ,and the lady on the door was polite and pleasant to us .the food was excellent we really enjoyed it and will definitely go again ,gets 5stars from us .


Just shocking, waitresses very rude. The manager obnoxious and unclean. Food overpriced and not worth the money. The only normal helpful person, was the guy who served us our drinks in the waiting area. Compare it to Byron and Byron wins hands down, even without Lobster!


Average service, great lobster. £20 is very reasonable for a whole lobster (with chips and salad) and it was delicious. The burger and the lobster roll also looked good but I wouldn't spend the same amount of money to have either when I could have a whole lobster. Drinks were a bit expensive. Overall worth the trip.


II took a friend here for lunch after hearing a lot of hype about it and i must say the Soho branch of Burger and Lobster is brilliant quality/value for money for three reasons 1) All staff were friendly and our waitress was very upbeat and bubbly, which our meal very enjoyable. They are attentive and make sure you have everything you need and are not waiting about for ages for sauces, food that eventually comes cold etc. 2) The food is cooked how you want it, eg if you want to replace salad with chips it's not an issue and the quality is very high(you can tell as you basically wave to the lobsters as you get to your table) Also, you are not served bitty portions, you leave feeling like you have eaten and you are satisfied 3) The atmosphere is pleasant and quirky ( im a bit of a boho type and i love the atmosphere of happy chatting customers sipping beers and cocktails) Overall, it was a pleasing experience for me and i highly recommend it.


The food was decent but the staff's behaviour is absolutely disgusting and extremely rude. I will not return here - pity because you are loosing customers not on the good food but on the appalling customer service


Excellent meal (1lb grilled lobster), great atmosphere and a good price. Oh... avoid drinking spirits if you're not a millionaire.


We had a great meal at Burger and Lobster - I can't recommend highly enough. We walked in at 19:30 on a Saturday evening just before Christmas and were told it would be a 90min wait, but the best bit was that they took my mobile number and we went off to do a tour of the local pubs. I've never before been on a waiting list in a restaurant where they'll let you leave and give you a ring. Brilliant. They rang and we were back and seated in 10mins, and had the friendliest waiting staff who were very helpful. My lobster was lovely, and the burger was good too. £20 is too expensive for a burger (even a really good one), but it was worth it for the lobster and the whole experience. Really glad I've been, and will no doubt be back in the new year.


Had the pleasure of eating in the dean street restaurant today with two overseas visitors, had a fabulous time. Compared to reviews that i read had no problem seating, it was almost immediately possible due to the time and day: Monday 16:30. Zarig was friendly and informative who went out off his way to make it a pleasurable evening. We all had the lobster dish, i had extra fries as it is sooo delicious. We were able to taste the alcoholic beverage before making a choice. It is a memorable experience and will surely be visiting it again

katie palmer

This is a chain restaurant with unrequited high esteem for itself. Give it 8 months when the 2012 burger trend to die down and lets see if this place still has its 3 restaurants open. The staff look like they've never stomached a lobster in their dining lives and look more suitable to the set of 'Made in Chelsea' than assisting a customer on the restaurant floor. I would not recommend this place to anyone.


Thoroughly enjoyed my experience here! Was a bit concerned about the wait for a table, so we rocked up just before 7pm on a Tuesday and luckily, even though we were told it would be a 45min wait, we actually only waited 20mins. There were 3 of us and I would say the table we were shown to was a tad small, but hey. The food. So, I think that £20 for a burger and chips, even in Soho, is a bit much, but there is no denying it was a damn tasty burger and the portion was huge! The lobster, a better deal for £20, was so very moist and tender, cooked perfectly and accompanied by a delicious lemon & garlic butter and both, of course, came with a mound of fries. All this was washed down with a beautiful Spanish red. The service was prompt and friendly, the atmosphere was buzzy and the restaurant handsome, very New York in feel. The only thing to put a mild dampner on the evening was when we were presented with our bill without asking for it, even though the waitress hurriedly added that we could still take our time and finish our wine, no rush, this is a pet peeve of mine. Of course we were going to feel rushed then, and that was the aim as they would have had a long waiting list of people ready to spend more money. That aside, and it was a real shame that they did that, I really enjoyed my experience at Burger & Lobster, even if I practically had to roll myself home afterwards!