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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>2</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>5</span>/5
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  • Address:

    Bush Hall Dining Rooms 304 Uxbridge Rd
    W12 7LJ

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5 / 5

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Time Out need to go back and review this place again! Wonderful food and great staff - a welcome addition to Shepherds Bush.


I have been to Bush Hall Dining once with my family and let me tell you, I am just itching to get back there! We went around lunch time and my husband and son both had the steak - which they both loved, my daughter had the burger (which I will definitely go for next time - it looked delicious!) and it received high praise from the most fussiest burger eater out there (my daughter) I had the day special of sebass and saffron mash and I was in complete heaven (I’m a big fish lover) and this dish just exceeded my expectations. My only hang up is that we we’re all too full for a desert, as amazing as they all sounded (and believe me when I say we wanted to try them all) the main meal hit the spot, that if I had forced down a dessert I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I am quite a frequent lunch goer, I love looking for new spots to eat out and was recommended Bush Hall Dining by a girlfriend of mine, and we have both agreed that we will be going back there. So it would be fair to say I have visited my fair share of ‘shabby places’ and I agree with this article on one of it’s points - it most certainly does look the part, the decor is absolutely stunning. Whilst I’ve had my fair share of shabby places, I’ve also had the misfortune of abysmal waiting staff, but we we’re blessed with the most wonderful waitress I have ever experienced, I did not catch her name but she had an american accent and she was so genuinely happy to tend to our every need, and made us all smile. It is a shame this is the review Bush Hall Dining has received, because my views are the complete polar opposite. I hope people will just take this as a view of just one and actually try it out for themselves. I am counting down the days till I return!

Charlotte Ennor

As a Shepherds Bush resident I was delighted when Bush Hall Dining Rooms opened. I've eaten there about 6 times now and can honestly say it is my favourite place to go. I was really surprised to read the review above. What a shame! I think I've tried about a third of the menu now but it does keep changing so its hard to keep up. The prawn cocktail was gorgeous when I had it - huge prawns and a delicious smokey sweet sauce. The terrine is also fabulous but huge; we shared it between 2 the last time I went. The peach and Parma ham salad is fresh and summery and my friend adores the confit tuna. The lamb with pistachio crust is almost a perfect dish. I had the first three times and have had to ban myself from ordering it so I can at least try something else. Time Out is right about the steak - juicy and perfectly seasoned - my son orders his blue! Last week there was a special of tea-smoked duck which was delicious and one of my friends had the rabbit ravioli another special I think. I'm usually too full for a pudding but did share an elderflower and rhubarb fool which was amazing. All in all it's just a great place! Don't be put off by Time Outs review check it out for yourself.