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The Soho showcase for great Peruvian food, and not just ceviche but grilled meats, skewers, and much more - including an excellent and very popular bar.

According to the PR hype, 2012 was to have been the year of Peruvian cuisine. In the end, only a handful of restaurants made any lasting impression on the capital’s dining scene, but of those, Ceviche shone the brightest. Wisely, it chose not to showcase Peru’s appetite for guinea pig or its fondness for grains and starches (the potato in particular), but its sexiest and most metropolitan export: ceviche. Here, citrus-cured fish is available in half a dozen different forms. We were wowed by the Don Ceviche, which saw large chunks of meaty sea bass with a still-raw centre surrounded by amarillo chilli ‘tiger’s milk’ (the ceviche marinade) and scattered with slivers of chilli, raw red onion and fresh coriander, with soft diced sweet potato providing textural contrast. But there’s more to Ceviche than ceviche, with a menu that ranges from terrific chargrilled meat and fish skewers (anticuchos) to a simple but perfectly executed corn cake, with a creamy middle and dry crumbly edge. Factor in the please-all seating options (trendy at the steel counter-bar, more comfortable in the rear dining area), charismatic, attentive staff and party atmosphere, and it’s no wonder this place has been such a huge hit.


Venue name: Ceviche
Address: 17 Frith Street
Opening hours: Tapas served noon-11.30pm Mon-Sat; noon-10.30pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square tube
Price: Tapas £3-£13. Meal for two with drinks and service: around £80

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3.4 / 5

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We liked this place - it had a really nice vibe and ambience - low lighting, nice interior, slightly pricey food but great presentation.  Not the best ceviche restaurant in London maybe, but I'd still go back, as it's a great date spot.  There are lots of photos and more details on my blog here: http://hyhoi.com/2014/11/ceviche-peruvian-soho/

- Nina
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Steve S

Amazing night here last Saturday. Myself and friends sat around the bar and had a range of great cocktails and tapas dishes. The place is very relaxed but very fun. Our Italian bartender really looked after us. Didn't really see the restaurant but it looked a bit more formal. I say go and grab a spot at the bar with cocktails. Great fun. 

Valentina G

I had lovely meal at Ceviche last nite. We booked table a long time ago and were so excited to go. Were so happy it was as good as we expected. The food is very nice. Very Peruvian but nice English twists on things. Especially anticuchos adn classics from the kitchen. The ceviches we had were Don ceviche and kingfish. The kingfish and fig was amazing, not like normal ceviche at all but still very nice. Also I expected not to like the don ceviche but I loved it! Pisco sours and service are great as well. Go now.

Naomi D

I dined at Ceviche last night and at a glance the menu seems to be very fairly priced, this is until you realise its actually tapas portions and you need 2-3 plates each which makes for a painful bill at the end. Its extremely noisy so don't go here if you are hoping for any chit chat with your fellow diners. We ate up and left with a big hole in the pocket. The food was very good however just far too little of it......:(


Outstanding food. Myself and my girlfriend have been to two much more expensive Michelin starred places in the last months and we genuinely thought Ceviche was more impressive for the originality, taste and presentation. It was a relaxed and fun atmosphere and the area is great to go for a drink after

Zoe McCarthy

Dishes with such an unusual fusion of flavours, Ceviche is altogether something different. The tapas are small but packed full of flavour - between four we had crunchy plantain chips (had to order more - they were too good!) and about 6-7 tapas, which was enough for a tantalising bite from each. Cocktails were excellent, particularly the Pisco Sour. From the tapas we had I'd definitely suggest the beef fillet (worth every penny) and the potato cake stacked with a tower of yummy dips. Went with friends for 20th birthday do, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Light bulbs hang naked above the long bar stool style tables and seems to attract a young-ish crowd. Would be perfect for a romantic evening, although beware it can get loud on the weekends!

Carole Tsang

Mmm. Went fora ladies catch up Lunch and although we didn't have a booking the friendly staff very quickly found Us a table. The place was buzzing with a great atmosphere of casual dining with top notch food. We were newto the cuisine but descriptions were accurate and informative and we had a delicious light corn cake spicy seafood cooked in corn husks quinoa salad and beef skewers. Portions are good and together with a shared desert and coffee this was a perfect lunch. Definitely a place to return to

Pisco Sour

Amazing Pisco Sour - great to kick off a night out. Shame not enough space at the bar it can get very busy.

Juan P.

I must have visited Ceviche around 10 times since it opened. I am from Peru and lived in London for over 10 years. I always missed the lack of a good Peruvian restaurant in town. Now, there is a growing number of them, so I am very pleased. Of those 10 times I visited the restaurant, 9 times I left really satisfied with the food and the service. Favourites: Don Ceviche, Alianza Lima, Corazon, Quinoa Salad, Lomo Saltado, and of course the pisco sour. Some might say that Ceviche's food isn't truly Peruvian or that it's too expensive, but what foreign food is really authentic when served so far away from their original location - having to juggle with the procurement of the right ingredients, local palates, etc. Ceviche has done a great job at presenting Peruvian food to a wide audience of people and has gone a step further, promoting our culture in one of the greatest cities in the world. Thanks Ceviche for filling that gap in the market and also for making it easier for other Peruvian restaurants to open in this beautiful city.


Completely Agree with Alexander - We didn't even get to the food stage, though, and I feel lucky that we didn't. Was taken here by my partner for my birthday. We were shown to a very high corner table in the back, practically touching the waiters' station and cramped in between other diners. The music was COMPLETELY loud and full of bass, which made me fee disjointed. We asked to move tables and were shown to a space even more cramped and with the music still loudly blaring. We left immediately. The food would have had to be nothing short of miraculous to have made it worth it.

Martin Morales, Ceviche, Founder

Thank you for nominating us as one of the best new London restaurants. Our customers love dishes, our service and value, and appreciate the creativity in our dishes and very warm hospitality. Saludos


This place is great. Making complaints about somewhere because its busy is a little naive. It's popular. The staff work hard and will improve as the place grows.. I too was here with a Peruvian and they commented on how authentic the staff, pisco and food were... Restuants don't Make the margins they used to. So sit tight let this place find its level... And if you find yourself waiting for a table. Have a Pisco and relax.


Ceviche do needs to improve 300 % in their food. I am peruvian myself and went there with another peruvian friend. The salsa a la huancaina was horrible it was like water (it supposed to be dense) the anticuchos were cold ...to be honest the only good thing that ceviche has its the drinks ...amazing cocktails but other than the good location and cocktails....i would never eat there again. ...for cocktails is okay. My friend and I left really dissapointed on the food and its a pity. I hope if the owner is reading this review and will do something about to better the quality of his food ....you will definately get returning customers (for your food) and word of mouth. Unfortunately, even though I really dont think the ambience of Titos is that happening the food is better...!! maybe you should hire the chef there !!! :)


Has one of Time Out’s top London dishes. Came here after work midweek for a very informal meeting and as all Soho places tend to be, the place was packed. The table booked for us was in the back corner where we had to sit on high stools and share a table with a couple; in my opinion not the most comfy of arrangements, for us, them and my derrière. It is quite hard to hold a conversation in this place as it was particularly loud and the staff seemed to be acting rather frantic, not the best atmosphere. We ordered 6 dishes between the four of us as we didn’t feel that hungry but ended up ordering a few more plates because frankly they are tiny dishes. The food was OK. If that is all I can say for it then I would compare it to not giving a reference to a past colleague. It just left that stinging feeling on your tongue, you know when your old worn wallet slaps you on the tongue, nothing memorable but you’ve lost a fair few quid for it. If I had to recommend a dish then it would be the Cerviche, that redeemed it slightly but not enough. I washed the ‘meal’, more like a morsel, down with a typical Peruvian cocktail and Cusquena both of which are the status quo for any Peruvian meal. Disappointing, small dishes, expensive, achy bottom, I wouldn’t bother again.


Have been with both clients and family and will definitely be going back again. Authentic peruvian tastes (I spent many years in Peru) and I never thought I would eat Anticuchos so delicious so far away from Peru. Pisco Sours a 'must' before dinner, made the correct way, to order, not too strong but also not too weak, just right. The different styles of Ceviche are fantastic, fresh tasting, and some interesting alternatives to traditional sea bass recipe. I am always made to feel very welcome and staff have the right balance of service standards, attentiveness and friendly smiles.

Martin Morales, Ceviche, Founder

Thank you for giving us Restaurant of The Week a few months ago. We really appreciate all your comments and immediately after the first 4 weeks of opening we worked on our pricing to find a way to give even better value. We think we have found the right balance; if you drop by for a drink and a plate of food, that may cost £11 and our average spend per person is now around £28 per person if dining and drinking a full meal with great cocktails. We only use the highest quality ingredients, sustainable and local for the most part but when we must reach the authentic flavours we import selected chillies and other ingredients from Peru, so to get great flavours and innovative dishes in the heart of London, where the rent is increasingly very high, we can't go lower than that. On the part of service, we work day in day out to improve this. Its tough for all in London due to so many people coming and going; Im sure all restauranteurs would agree. We have looked at this problem and tried to tackle it from different directions. Therefore, we have started a series of rewards for our on-the-floor team which we hope will incentivise them to really have a career with us as we believe that is possible. That's is something that is very unique in our industry. So we are 100% focussed on this; so much so that we now have managers from different restaurants coming to see us bringing their teams to see how our teams work. Our service in the last 8 weeks has been highlighted as one of the best in London: warm, friendly, attentive, quick and above all human. I hope you come again to enjoy Ceviche. nb. I would have liked to have just left some feedback but the functionality on your site makes users chose a rating so I hope this is ok. Kind regards, Martin, Ceviche's Founder.


I agree with the negatives comments from this page, as I went to try the Best Pisco sour in London, which supposed to be authentic recipe from Peru, and after waiting 15-20 minutes my Chica sour was horrible and undrinkable, so I asked the barman to add some syrup, but then it was really sweet, so I couldn't drink it, but I coudnt give it back, because i dindnt want to wait, as I was with other friends too. They order Pisco sour, but they were small and nothing really special, on top of that, as the restaurant was full, we have to drink outside the bar, and Ceviche charged service fee, which wasn't really fair, as our experience was really bad with the cocktails, and barman not friendly at all, so I woundnt recommend it as a place for tapas or drinks, no way


You'd be better off going to Tito's in London Bridge. Having been to Peru several times, fallen in love with a Peruvian and saved up for another trip to Lima because of the food alone, I can attest that the food served here is fairly authentic and tasty. The portions and service, however, is extremely disappointing. Ironically, the ceviche served here was probably the worst I've had in London; the meat had not been marinated long enough and was on the bland side. The lomo soltado was very tasty, with exactly the right amount of coriander, however it may as well have been served in a tapas dish it was that small. Plus, lomo soltado without rice?? The service was horrendous; my partner's starter arrived 20 minutes before mine and each time we asked about my food, the waiter or waitress could not have been less interested. When we paid the bill we refused to pay the service charge, which was met with a rude and completely sympathetic response. If paying through the nose for tiny but tasty portions is your thing, then by all means book a table. If you're looking for good and plentiful Peruvian food, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, then travel a little further over the Thames to Tito's.

Latam girl

I loved Ceviche Bar when I first went in March, so much that I decided to take some clients last week and unfortunately this time the experience was very disappointing. The quality of the food has decreased dramatically and somehow it has lost the warm Latin American touch and the customer service was poor. Not going again.


Loved it at the beginning but they have lost the touch. The fact that they have traded down to cheaper produce is evident (and worrying for a place specialised in raw fish!).


The food that did come eventually was good albeit of very small portions. I would have expected the ceviche dishes to be light and on the small side but even the more pricey mains were tiny and definitely overpriced. The service was terrible - apart from the bad attitude, the waiter forgot two of the dishes I ordered, mixed up another one, and then charged us for something we didn't order or eat.


Don't let one person's bad experience put you off. Firstly, it quite clearly says the portions are designed for sharing and that you should order several per person. We had beautiful fresh seabass ceviche, rich olive oil dressed octopus, a potato cake with garlicky seafood and avocado, and beef skewers. All was divine, and we could barely finish the chocolate and physalis, and dulce de leche puddings. The service was exceptional, from the friendly girl at the door to the charming bar staff and the even more charming manager.... We sat at the bar, which i think maybe puts you more in the thick of the atmosphere. Sipping pisco sours, I honetly felt as if I were on holiday, and i cannot wait to return and try some more things. It wasn't that cheap, but it's London, and the food is fresh and deliciously different.

Discerning Palate

The atmosphere is great. Staff are friendly and helpful, particularly in dissecting the menu. However, the food is just above average. The portions are small and the prices are high. The only dish that stood out was the beef heart, tender and tasty. This place is more style than substance.


The small portions and mediocre service might have been tolerable if we hadn't been served completely raw chicken! I was absolutely shocked to be served uncooked chicken on skewers... While the waitress was reasonably apologetic, what kind of chef lets raw chicken go out of the kitchen? Never again.


Expensive but quite good. Not top of my list but worth a visit. Fresh fish, but sometimes taste different.

Rossella Pernía

Best possible peruvian food in town. Great head chef. I think I´m totally in love with the concept and staff. Thumbs up!


Great atmosphere, relax, cool, down to earth but at the same time a great place. Love the Arroz con Pato!!! Coriander rice with duck comfit!!! The Chicha is also amazing, is a soft drink made with purple maize from Peru... something great for summer.


I had an amazing meal last night. The food is fresh and delicious. I highly recommend going here for a snack, dinner, or maybe just drinks. The Piscos are outstanding. My favourite dishes were the lomo, beef heart, the little corn bits at the start too. My favourite ceviche was the don ceviche. When I eat out, I love to tast everything and Ceviche allows you to taste a few things without breaking the bank. The atmosphere is buzzy and cool, but not pretentious which really rocks my world. Enjoy guys!


What a treat to find Peruvian cuisine so well represented here in London. Ceviche is a warm restaurant filled with personality - feels like it has already been there for years. I can honestly say that I haven't eaten that well in a long time. The food is so full of taste and I found myself being adventurous with different foods without even realising! I never knew octopus was that tender and why didn't anyone tell me that barbecued cowheart is so delicious?! Friendly waiters set the tone for a lovely family get together.


Being Peruvian food lovers we got exactly what we excpected! Nice and very local Soho restaurant with some authentic Peruvian dishes. Ceviche and pisco tastes very authentic (I just got back from Peru) however beef tonge was not tender enough. The stuff was friendly and relaxed but the bill was a bit higher than in other local places. Overall, I would definitely come back for an afternoon drink and Ceviche!

Christian B

I'm Peruvian and I love this place. Food is authentic and with a modern feel to it. We had the Don Ceviche, Yucas Fritas, Arrocito, Lomo Saltado and Arroz con Mariscos (Seafood with rice) with Lucuma Ice Cream - ALL delicious. Beer: Cuzquena (of course!) and my wife had a Pisco Sour.... We will return for sure....


never tried peruvian food before - loved it !..not normally a raw fish fan but the sea bass was sublime ..our group of four, my partner, her best friend & boyfriend who celebrated best friend's 30th b day there, also sampled all the desserts - delightful, as was the service - will all be going back..soon !


i love the location and the staff. The staff are most welcoming, and thanxs to them, i forgot about the let down of the food and drink. the portions are far too small, and that was not ceviche. the leche de tigre from the ceviche was far from what it should be, it tasted like water in salt and pepper, and it def didnt have the right colour, it looked far too dark and bland. The pisco were not the best either. the Chicha pisco was far too strong. I think they need to just work a bit on the balance of booze. too much booze in a cocktail does not mean is much better, and that was the case in this situation. Im sure within time Ceviche will be a great place to hang out and enjoy good Peruvian Food, but at the mo, I dont believe they are there yet.


I absolutely love this place. The menu is so refreshing compared to anything I've tasted in London. Each dish is such a delight, the portions are not big enabling you to order a few dishes per person (they recommend four) which is my favourite way of eating. The Don Ceviche and Corazon anticucho blew me away. Although Pisco is the only spirit you'll find behind the bar, you don't feel at any point that you're freedom of choice has been compromised. I sampled the Pisco Sour and Soho cocktails, both exceptional whilst completely different in taste. London finally has a restaurant which Peru can be proud of.


Fantastic restaurant and completely unique in London - the team are are top standard and the atmosphere is infectious. Definitely worth checking out with a group of friends.

Lucy allen

We had a family sunday lunch at Ceviche today for mothers day. It was delicious and a really special lunch for our family, Dad enjoyed a Pisco sour, Mum enjoyed the Ceviche, I loved the Duck and the kids loved the Chicha Morada drinks and the Lucoma Ice cream. Thanks a million to all the lovely staff.


Ceviche had a good energy to it. The front of house was particuraly welcoming. Peruvian cuisine is somewhat new to us brits and Ceviche im sure will be a champion of this wonderfully rich and diverse cuisine. The ingredients where fresh. The deserts where delicious. Pisco and Chicha Morada are really worth trying out. The artwork on the walls is fun and quirky. Being a vegetarian they had a well balanced menu. I look forward to going back.


Ceviche is buzzing with activity, a friendly staff and lively music - perfect ambiance! Try the Pisco Soho - - heaven! Food is colourful and flavourful and fresh. Unique menu with beautiful combination of ingredients. Must try it!


Went to CEVICHE yesterday for work lunch - really amazing food. As a Peruvian I was hoping for a high standard - and we got it! Ceviches were great, but the prize goes to the octopus anticucho, really good. Also, the pisco sour was just like back home and with a kick. Will be coming back often. All my other friends loved it and the bar has a great vibe to it. Highly recomended.


Food quality is good, but extremely pricy. The sizes of the dishes are very small. The restaurant concept is similar to Wahaca but the prices are a different story. About the service, although waiters were friendly the manager kept telling us to be quiet when actually we were just enjoying a normal night in a Soho restaurant.


This place is INCREDIBLY expensive (it's more like £120 for 2 people with drinks, not 80£ and the dishes are tiny. The food is tasty but expensive. The other issue is that despite creating a nice, boisterous vibe the manager was quite rude with a group of just 6 people with any laughing/talking. If you want people to spend money and you create a nice vibe, then let people enjoy the atmosphere!!!


nice flavours but extremely expensive and the worse is that you don't realised until the bill comes, you have to go with at least a sandwich already in your stomach...the tapas concept may be a good idea to introduce Peruvian food to some (although nowadays many people knows) but the prices are high to pay....some of the main dishes are not set up like in peru and you have to pay extra for things to have them complete...Lomo Saltado without the rice....come on!!!


I tried this restaurant with some friends - great location, great atmosphere, great tasting food and great Pisco Sour, however this is definitely more of a bar with light bites then a restaurant. And for the size of the portions it is expensive - £11.50 for an entree sized Lomo Saltado without rice. I spent £35 and I was left hungry. The other new Peruvian restaurant in Islington called Tierra Peru is definitely better value if you are looking for a meal and the menu has much more variety.


As peruvian I had very high expectations for this restaurant, came with 7 other friends which half of them had visited Peru with me so they know how good our food is (and other peruvians too). We weren't dissapointed! the Pisco sours definately the best in London! they compete with some in different restaurants in Lima. The food was very tasty - the best probably the arroz con pato, anticuchos and the quality of the meat (lomo saltado), things they probably need to improve is the tequenos and tiradito (should be more creamy). The staff was really friendly but still seemed a bit nervous which is understandable as they are still going through the soft opening until March 12, but at least they were trying to be nice, none of us experience 'the bad behaviour' mentioned below. The only negative comment is the main dishes sizes are not aligned with prices, (choclo - too expensive and rice is extra for lomo saltado) maybe they should check the pricing of Wahaca as an example as we though 50£ pp was a bit steep... Overall we had a great time and food was awesome!! Our London friends have already been there twice this week!


the quality of the food is awesome. The size of main dishes is not aligned with prices. You end up paying the price of main size dish for the size of a sample or tapa. The service seem to still be in training but with a good attitude. Again is difficult to price an informal environment at 50 P/p but the the food in really really good.


Dreadful service, bad attitude and the food VERY over rated and under par. All round waste of money