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Stroud Green

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Christina Theisen

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>5</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Coffee Circus 136 Crouch Hill
    N8 9DX

  • Venue phone:

    07789 748685

  • Venue website:

  • Opening hours:

    8am-7pm Mon-Fri; 8.30am-7pm Sat, Sun

  • Transport:

    Tube: Turnpike Lane tube, Crouch Hill rail or bus W7

  • Price:

    Meal for two with drinks and service: around £25

  • Map

    1. Coffee Circus

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4.7 / 5

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Simply one of the best prepared and served coffee in London. And I am an old grumpy italian, enough said.


Just had a great flat white from this quirky little coffee shop! Best coffee i've had for a long while! Loath to visit a high street chain for a while now...


Absolutely the best cafe in Crouch End by a mile. Coming from NZ, I know a good coffee when I taste (and see) one, and this is GOOD coffee. I try to come in most days and would stay all day if I could.


Great coffee and selection of fantastic cakes. The best thing about this place are the people who work there. Really friendly, warm and welcoming. Best coffee shop!


The nicest mocha I have had in London wihtout a doubt. The staff are friendly and coffee is consistantly very good. Yes, sometimes you need to wait for a little bit for a coffee.... but the barista takes their time to make a nice coffee. I would rather wait for a good coffee than get an ordinary one immediately.


Without a doubt the best place in Crouch End for coffee and small snacks. Had a wonderful cheese and pickle toastie today which was reasonably priced but the mind blowing Mocha made my day. Without a doubt the BEST Mocha i've EVER had and I've lived in Melbourne which I consider to be the place where I've had the best coffees in my life.


I walk through the door, and I see two clowns bumbling behind the counter. Experience should have taught me to turn on my heel and not look back. But I've just woken up and I need a shot of coffee, so I figure I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Boy, was I wrong. First, another customer walks in after I do, and he gets served first. Second, they get my order wrong and I have to repeat it to them. Third, they give my coffee to another customer, who very nearly takes a sip out of it. Fundamentally, these plonkers don't have the first clue about customer service. They couldn't decide who was working the till and who was making the coffees, and didn't know to priortise between customers who are sitting-in (and are therefore taking their time) and customers who want a take-out (because they have places to be). Last but not least, the coffee they made was abominable. Now, I've met the manager, and he's a nice bloke, really knows his stuff. But he needs to take better care over the staff he employs, because they're going to run his business into the ground. My goodwill has pretty much expired.

Fanny Macdonald

Absolutely lovely, without a doubt the best coffee in Crouch End! Service is exceptional and very personable, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone who is passing through Crouch End to call in and try one of their flat whites, and of course one of the lovely slices of cake.

Chris Russell

I'd give it 5 stars. Great atmosphere, great coffee, lovely service. A place with a passion like the Haberdashery, also in Crouch End. Why people drink at Starbucks or Costa in the Creative Village beats me when you can have real coffee.