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Jonathan Perugia / Time Out
Jonathan Perugia / Time Out
David Axelbank / Time Out
David Axelbank / Time Out
David Axelbank / Time Out

With its top-notch, UK-sourced (when possible) ingredients, speedy and friendly service, and rapid turnover, the original Brixton branch of Franco Manca remains, for our money, the best pizza joint in London. Both indoor and outdoor seating overlooks the bustling market arcade. Here you can sate a craving for genuine, Neapolitan-style pizza, with a flavourful slow-rise sourdough crust and a variety of traditional and innovative toppings. Purists will prefer either the tomato, garlic and oregano or the tomato, mozzarella and basil, in season. The tasty chorizo pizza comes in two versions (thick-cut and thin-cut, dried) of the rich, oily Spanish sausage; it’s reminiscent of New York’s ubiquitous pepperoni pizza. Other menu choices and daily specials include a variety of seasonal vegetable and cured meat-laden pizzas that, while of top-quality, we find a little busy. Side salads and the restaurant’s unusual lemonade (murky brown and slightly like an Arnold Palmer, thanks to a tannic under-taste) are highly recommended, being thoughtful additions to the carb-heavy pizza. Wine and beer are also available. The other branches we've visited are fine, but haven’t equalled the original branch’s perfection.


Venue name: Franco Manca
Address: 4 Market Row
Electric Lane
Opening hours: Meals served noon-5pm Mon; noon-10.30pm Tue-Sat; noon-10pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Brixton tube/rail
Price: Main courses £5-£7.50
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Ed. T
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I'd heard a lot about Franco Mancas from pretty much every source possible, so finally got the chance to pop in this weekend. It's got a short but simple menu, with a good variety in toppings, some cracking starters and even better prices to match! 

All the pizzas are under £7/£8, and the famed sour dough base goes really well with the flavours they use to match. Is it the best pizza in London though? Not quite. Definitely memorable and tasty, but I'd pick Homeslice or Pizza Pilgrim over Franco Manca! 


The fact the Franco Manca are due to open their 19th branch within London and still expanding just has to say something. The concept is so simple and the sourdough base makes the pizzas much lighter than normal. There are a variety of toppings and different pizzas you can choose from, the sizes are generous too. Prices are great and they also offer convenient take out. Only thing is that is no booking policy so it’s a case trying your luck and first come, first served. The only disappointment is that they don’t really offer much of a dessert menu but the pizza definitely makes up for that.


Elisa R

The first time I went to Franco Manca was with my Sardinian best friend who demanded I'd try one of these pizzas. Oh loveliness! Taste bud orgasm, enough said. The dough is thin and crispy, the ingredients all more delectable than the other. Last time I went, I tried one of the puddings and I must say it was delicious as well. The only negative thing I'd want to add about the Brixton branch in particular is the fact that you have to queue for ages in the cold of the market so now I always go to the Belsize Park one, which is 5 mins walk away from my house.

Alexander v

Good Toppings - but sparsely thrown onto a very burnt pizza - I probably should give them 1 star but I'm feeling generous by giving them 2 stars 

Sarah V

Though none of the other great pizza places can beat Franco Manca on price, some of them can actually beat it on taste. In my experience the quality of Franco Manca pizza's may vary depending on which branch of the franchise you are visiting. Luckily, the Brixton original is by far still the best of them all! So if you have never been to a Franco Manca before, make sure your first visit is to the Brixton restaurant, and while you're over there make sure to pop into nearby cocktail bar Seven for great pre- or postdinner cocktails. 

Jorge A.
Staff Writer

I heard a lot about it, so I had to try. Quality/price is a good choice. However, it is not even close to be the best pizza in London

Sarah L

The best pizzas of all London venues! Go and have a try or return once again there, always a pleasure

Hayley P

Best pizza in London. Fact. Many a carb slump has been had due to these yummy sour dough bad boys.

Simona S

Absolutely the best pizza in London and the best place to have fun and enjoy your night or day! Love you guys


I can't get enough of this pizza. It's all about the sourdough base. Everything else placed on top is of the freshest ingredients. The tomato sauce is incredible, so much so I would happily have a pizza with just this sauce. I've been to all the branches across London and they are all consistently great and always have a  buzzing atmosphere. 

South Carolina

Pizza of the gods! Seriously, this stuff is good. They offer take away so would definitely recommend scoring yourself a box and heading to a sunny spot nearby. Sadly there's no gluten free crust but if you're not bothered about feeding the gluten monster then it's totally worth a try.

Danny H

How this place doesn't have 5 stars across the board is beyond me. It has two things going for it:

1. It is the best pizza I have ever tasted. The sourdough charred crust is honestly a game changer when it comes to pizza crust. And the toppings are fresh, tasty and cooked to perfection.

2. It is so cheap. I mean, not just London cheap, but cheap cheap. Between £5 and £10 for a range of excellently topped pizzas. It's incredible value for money.

The worst thing is, there's a Pizza Express across the road from the one in Balham, and some people still choose to go there instead of Franco Manca. FOOLS!

Eleanor F
Staff Writer

Amazing to see this brilliant pizza place grow - authentic pizza in a beautiful environment. Always lively, personable, fast service, and great for kids. A regular treat that suits most occasions. 

Joshua S

Great place, best pizza in London - with a great atmosphere at this location! 

Diana B

Good pizza - not the best but still good and very affordable. I'd recommend it.


Born and bred in Naples, I can only think that the 5 stars given to Franco Manca are the result of a Time Out critic who has never actually tasted a real Neapolitan pizza (and I'm talking Sorbillo -; Starita a Materdei - and Cafasso, to give a few illustrious examples). There is no doubt that Franco Manca's pizze are aesthetically very pleasing. And I can almost forgive the clammy Somerset mozzarella on the pizza itself (but not the freezer-cold mozzarella and burrata starters), but the soul of any pizza is in the dough - and Franco Manca's dough is chewy and gummy. Each to his own, of course, but any self-respecting Neapolitan would steer clear. Surprisingly, the best pizza I've had in London is at Rosso Pomodoro in Camden. No contest.


If you fancy the idea of eating pizza toppings on a naan bread this is the place for you. Its tasty, just soggy.


the best pizza in london? the best pizza in britain? then, do not eat any pizza in the UK! After all those positive reviews, what a disappointment!!!! To be fair, ingredients were good, but my pizza barely saw the oven and was undercooked. Big queue as a reason for it? Do not queue then.


Hiaaa You didnt try Pizza Franco Manca yet !!!!! Go what r u waiting for?


The best Neapolitan pizza ever You MUST try it , if you want to discover london & Italy together Make sure when you are in Brixton eat Pizza Franco Manco .. oh no sorry I meant make sure when you are in London ;)


After reading so many positiv reviews I decided to visit the FM branch on Northcote road. There are 6 different pizza choices. The staff was attentive and quick and the place was vibrant but the Pizza was nowhere near as good as the other people say it is. Taste is of course subjective and everybody has a different taste but overall I wouldn't give it a 5 star rating. But then again where do you get a Pizza for under £7 in a restaurant and they even don't charge service. I would say Value for Money 4 Stars. Pizza taste 2 stars.


Love the place, love the food, love the atmosphere. Definitely the best pizzas in London (and the best Lemonade!)


These Pizzas are incredible - They beat the best pizza i've ever had which was in Tuscany in 1978 - i was 6 so remembering THAT Pizza speaks volumes - and beating it speaks even more, maybe the whole book. YAMMY.


I have dedicated my life to eating Pizza in London and dispite Pizza Metro Pizza running it close, this is my favourite pizza place in the whole of London. Long may it continue!


The best pizza outside of Italy my Italian friend and I ever had. By a long way.


Very nice place to go in Brixton, pizzas are really delicious, simple and original and service is always good. Yes, sometimes you need to queue, but hey, it is always nice to discover things around in Brixton village, I simply love to queue for restaurants there!


Sadly our food didn't look anywhere near as good as in the picture here. The pizza was hard and overcooked, with little by way of topping. I had mushroom and rocket, really expected some tomato passata as a base but it was hard to find and probably not as much as two mushrooms. The rocket was just dropped on top. My partner said his pizza was tasty but a bit too cold when it was finally delivered. Really disappointed as we had heard great reviews about this place. It was crowded, but it looks like people are here for the social ambiance rather than the food in front of them. Sad disappointment.


Pizza was undercooked, hardly any toppings (3 miserable pieces of aubergine hidden under 9 rocket leaves)... nothing special really! A disappointing lunch!


Amazing pizza, but the waitress was shockingly rude. My advice would be to get a take away, that way you don't have to put up with the appallingly bad service.


Best pizzas I've ever had, great atmosphere and a bargain at under £7. One of the best places to have lunch in London!


Amazing! Great, fast service with pizza like i had in Rome. Gorgeous fruity organic red wine too! YUM!

Pablo R.

Quite simply, the best pizza I have ever had in London... Go even if that's the only thing you do the weekend. It won't dissapoint you, oh by the way the pizzas are just over a fiver!!


Amazing pizza! Best one I had in London so far, and I'm talking about someone who has had many pizzas around the world and also Napolese Pizza too! They have one in Brixton (no booking, and always packed). One in Turnham Green area in the west (which is open on Sunday, I went there from East end, for an hour just to eat the pizza!). Thankfully they have opened a new one in Westfield Stratford, HOORAY! Now I can have my pizza as often and as quickly I want it! :)


Buzzing to find a Franco Manca near my home in Westfield Stratford!!! Not an avid fan of shopping centres, even for a woman, but my favourite pizza place is there and tasted just as good as my old haunt in Brixton.

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