Kimchee to Go


Korean food has been on the verge of a breakthrough to the mainstream for some time. As Gangnam Style’s Psy is kept busy elsewhere, who better to bring it to the masses than Korean-born Dong Hyun Kim. Also the mastermind behind cheap-and-cheerful sushi chain, Wasabi, we wouldn’t be surprised if branches of Kimchee to Go started popping up all over London soon enough. Unlike parent restaurant Kimchee in Holborn, Kimchee to Go is a quick, grab and go takeaway.

Pre-packed Korean kimbap (sushi) rolls, bento-style (dosirak) lunch boxes, and even mix-your-own bibimbaps (spicy combos of rice, vegetables and meat) are all displayed for the taking. Korean breakfast items include juk (soft rice porridge) or misugaru (traditional Korean roasted grain drink).

A generously-proportioned vegetarian dosirak contained thick sliced of sweet soy-glazed tofu, dumplings and adzuki bean rice. The bibimbap was a dish of two halfs – cold toppings are taken from the fridge, before hot rice is added to the bottom compartment of your box at the counter. An innovative idea, but once mixed together the final dish was predictabley lukewarm. Other hot dishes are kept warm while on display, but soup noodles are made to order, preventing soggy, bloated strands.

Be warned, the seats are as unique as the chain itself. Eat classy, sit cheesy.


Venue name: Kimchee to Go
Address: 106 New Oxford Street
Opening hours: Open 10.30am-10pm Mon-Fri; 11am-10pm Sat; noon-10pm Sun.
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Road tube
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