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London's best African restaurants

The variety of African food available can be overwhelming, so here are our recommendations

Whether you’re looking for a fragrant North African tagine, or East African injera bread topped with spicy stew, you’ll find them here. Do you agree with the choices? Use the comments box below or tweet your suggestions.

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Anne S
Anne S

These are practically all North African - Africa is a vast continent and there are many treasures in many cuisines if you try to think outside the box and go for something new. South African cuisine isn't mentioned here - it is superb and there are several very good London rerstaurants (High Timber on the Thames, for example). West African cuisine - particularly Nigerian (pepper soup, oh my god - to DIE for) and Ghanaian (jolloff rice is a revelation!) should be explored by the journalist. There are plenty of restaurants in London serving those, too! I look forward to part 2 - a more researched list of African restaurants in London soon.

Santiago T
Santiago T

Besides these restaurants, which look fantastic, there are also excellent African supper clubs and pop-up restaurants in London. For example, Zoe Adjonyoh is a fabulous African chef who organizes supper club dinners a couple of times a month. I've been to some of her events and her food is really really good. Her online profile with links to her past supper club events can be found here: http://melba.co/users/469