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A minute's walk from Aldgate East tube, Love in a Cup is a tiny little coffee shop serving excellent coffee and delicious snacks. Among the more unusual coffee options are the 'genera' - a latte with the addition of fresh orange rind, and the 'primo' - an insanely strong (4 shot) latte for those who want their caffeine hit all in one go.

Venue name: Love in a Cup
Address: 15 Osborn St
E1 6TD
Opening hours: Open 7.30am-4pm Mon-Fri; 9am-4pm Sat and Sun
Transport: Tube: Aldgate East

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Nicola R

My love in a cup coffee genuinely helps me get through the day! Their chicken schnitzel toasted sandwich is amazing too. 

Carlo K

Been coming here almost every day for months. Easily the best cafe around this area. Banter is great too.


By far the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life. Every aspect of it was perfection. Im not one to ever post my thoughts but was absolutely compelled after tasting it. Highly recommended. Indulge yourself.


Whenever I am London as a tourist it´s a "must" to visit Kesh at Love in a cup. Not only does he imply offer the best (and sometimes most unusual) coffees in all London (ever tried the Genera with a little bit of orange rind in it), he is by far one of the friendliest persons you can meet in London. The cookies with white chocolate taste so much different from the ones alike at Starbucks & Co. And by writing that I simply mean: BETTER - YUMMIER - CHOCOLATIER. So honestly, there´s no better way to enjoy your coffee in London than at "Love in a cup".


Excellent coffee and always a warm welcome. It's the place to go on a Sunday on the way home from Brick Lane for a caffeine hit. The brownies are also first class. Highly recommended.


THE best coffee shop in London. Incredible tasting coffee, brewed to absolute perfection. The owner's passion for coffee is one to be admired by all baristas. Thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Absolutely amazing place, not just great coffee but also a very personal experience. I happily walk the extra distance from work to have wonderful coffee each morning. Keep up the good work!

Amir Rashidian

By far the best coffee in London. The secret blend of coffee beans makes this a unique and wonderful flavour. I highly recommend coming here.


As a non-coffee/tea drinker I don't normally frequent Coffee Houses but after walking past Love in a Cup on my way to work numerous times and being amused by the board outside I finally ventured in for a crispy bacon and cheese muffin. The set up is lovely, homely and relaxed and the service was fantastic. Unlike other places in London the owner (an easy going welcoming Aussie) was more than happy to strike up conversation while I waited for my order, I loved this because I find it is rare across London! The crispy bacon and cheese muffin was delicious (I highly recommend!) and I'm slightly worried that I may now have an addiction forming! There was also a selection of sweet bites on offer and I may have to take up coffee drinking so I can sample what smelt like amazing coffee. I would highly recommend this little place, it's not to be overlooked and I can't imagine anyone leaves without a smile.


Excellent coffee and excellent company - the only place to get my daily fix!!!!


Love in a cup is the best place in east london!!! The location is perfect, the coffee is outstanding yet the service is the kindest you will ever find. When I found out about love in a cup I haven't gone one day without having my coffee there. Yet if one day you don't fancy a coffee there are delicious organic snacks and tea!!!! Now there is a terrace and it is great. Pleas go and check it out! Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE IN A CUP!!!!!!!! xXxXxXxXx

Frank John

I don't recognise Love in a Cup from the previous comments so guess the person went somewhere else, which would be gutting as LIAC is an excellent coffee house. LIAC has a substantial coffee menu, competively priced with great variation like the Genera made with real orange. In fact innovation seems to be behind everything they do including things as diverse as the cakes and pastries, to the music which is always different, new and vibrant, to the surroundings where Cash is always trying something unique to deliver a warm and welcoming feel for the shop. Only issue i have is that Cash wont share the secret of his coffee blend which after all is why you go in the first place. A lovely cup of coffee from Love in a Cup

Frank (John)

I can only think the last commentator went somewhere other than LIAC as i don't recognise any of what he's saying. LIAC has a huge, innovative selection of coffe to choose from, try for instance the Genera made with Orange. All the drinks are competitively priced and there's always something new being tried out be it food drinks or indeed music which is great. The only downer is the owner wont share his secret bean mix so you'll have to go in person to enjoy the wonderful coffee they serve.


Amazing coffee and such a range of types. Very friendly people, I'd highly recommend this little place if you like a good coffee that is well made.

Marco Ciambella

Great owner and stuff, amazing coffee. It reminds me to those tv shows like friends or Cheers, the place where everyone knows each other, everyone is genuinely friendly and knows your taste. Keep up with the great job!

Erin Rhae Biller

I have a crush. On Love in a Cup. I just like to flirt with it. It's not on my normal route or super convenient coming from the U.S. of A., but it's still worth the flight every now and then. I'll stop in for a tea or a tantalizing Genera and end up lingering longer than planned. I've introduced friends and they always end up with a little crush, too. Love in a Cup is kind of like that hot, quiet guy in high school who is a bit mysterious and probably has no idea he's hot. He's not pretentious and he's not trying to get attention. He's just got that sexy, quiet confidence. Or maybe it's the quality ingredients and the smart business they do. I do love a guy with a neighborly conscience and the smarts for local biz. Maybe it's the ubber friendly and helpful staff. Who doesn't like genuine generosity? Maybe I am just completely superficial and like the design. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt an understated contemporary way, of course. I don't know, Love in a Cup. You've got something I like. So keep whipping up those fresh preserves and brewing some coffee to seduce me into awake mode. Just do whatever it is you're doing, cuz it's working, baby.


By far the best, lovingly made coffee in London, if not Italy (and I'm Italian)! Kash and his staff are very friendly-they always remember what your order and sometimes have it ready before you even ask! If you want personable staff, a great location, delicious cakes and INCREDIBLE coffee go to Love in a Cup!


Best coffee around! Kash introduced the Genera to me here, and I'm glad he did, fruity deliciousness. Nude down the road has all the cool reputation, but this place does better coffee. Really good flapjacks as well. Love in a cup is great!

Dai Jenkins

Great little coffee house. Kash is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Especially recommend the Genera - sublime - apparently found nowhere else in the big smoke (and there would be no need to find it, either - it's not going to get any better!). Take a backseat Starbucks and learn. Keep up the great work - today; Osborn Street. Tomorrow; the world!

Shiny Trevor

Love in a cup makes truly delicious coffee, those years in Oz were well spent Kash!! It may be a tiny hole in the wall, but it kicks arse in term of quality and friendly local atmosphere!

Lxs think that I have walked by on the far side of the road for the last few weeks - wanting/wishing/waiting to try Love in a Cup. Today it happened. Superb. Strongly recommended. Service, product, experience... all sublime.


Cash(the owner) makes the greatest coffee ever. He asked me exactly how I wanted my coffee and made it for me especially. He also made me taste it and tell him if it was good, which of course it was! Great service and great skills.

Jim Loughnan

LOVE IN A CUP. What can i say..!! its AMAZING. Love the owner. I could chat with Kash all day. Love the location. But best of all is the coffee. Best in london by far...


Awesome coffee, Awesome owner! Go to Love in Cup for my coffee every morning now!


If you're looking for great coffee, served with care, professionalism, and devotion to quality - then this is the place. Returning to London after living in Italy for many years I had given up hope of ever finding really high quality coffee. Fortunately I was wrong. My favorite is the espresso, made to perfection - and no need for sugar or milk. Paul


Brilliant coffee, fantastic owner! If you are looking for that place that will instantly lift your mood, it's Love in a Cup.))


The coffee is amazing. The best I have ever had in London. Finally an espresso an Italian (like myself) would be proud of. Kash, the owner, is so chatty and nice, a person you really want to meet in a gray london morning :D

Ede R.

Ever been to northern Italy and curse yourself for trying a true ristretto only to find yourself let down by any London coffee joint? Not anymore! This guy is up there with the gigolos! Best coffee in town, not only for connoisseurs!


U gotta stop in this summer and meet the owner, Aussie native, CASH! He'll greet u w wicked smile and a killer espresso! He also recently introduced a creamy Ice Coffee that cools u down and pleases ur taste-buds! ;)