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Meat Mission

They’re at it again. The meat-lovin’ crew that gave us Meat Wagon (a roving burger truck), Meat Liquor (burgers and booze) and Meat Market (above a Covent Garden market) have just spawned this Shoreditch offshoot. If you haven’t got the hang of the naming convention by now, this place serves meat in a mission – a former Christian mission. The plaque on the wall, dated 1915, pronounces that the building first opened with the aim of doing good works. We’re not sure what the aim of the current tenant is, but we do know that it focuses very (very) hard on being trendy.

The windowless main room is dark and grungy, with light only via a new stained glass ceiling – a diabolical expression of the Last Supper, where demonic skeletons break bread with sinister-looking hogs, and an all-seeing ‘Eye of Providence’ watches while you eat.

The music was more upbeat, on our visit veering from Nancy Sinatra to Shuggie Otis then Dolly Parton. Original features, such as the parquet floor, are juxtaposed by rough, back-to-basics elements: tables made from salvaged boards; glass demijohns (the kind used for home-brewing) hanging from the bar.

The cooking is equally rough ’n’ ready: alongside the burgers that made the Meat brand famous are new dishes, such as those served ‘onna plate’. Ours, a ‘chilli garbage plate’, was a dishevelled composition that began with a layer of fries, then chilli, then a beef burger patty, topped with melted cheese, finely diced onion and jalapeno, and a final drizzle of French’s mustard. Unfortunately, while this dish’s individual components delivered on texture and flavour, the sum of these parts, presented as a soggy, amorphous mass, did not equate to greater than the whole. Dinner for your dog, yes: dinner for you, not so much. Better was our ‘Peckham dip’, which saw folds of thinly-sliced beef heaped into a soft bun with sweet caramelised onions and a deeply bovine pot of gravy for dipping.

Service was over-eager to the point of being irritating. Our starter plate was whisked away while we were still chewing, and at one point, three waitresses in rapid succession interrupted us to ask the same question. Meat Mission looks great as a bar, but as a restaurant, it'll have to work harder to convert the unbelievers.

By Tania Ballantine

Venue name: Meat Mission
Address: 13-15 Hoxton Market
N1 6HG
Opening hours: Mon-Sat noon-midnight; Sun noon-11pm
Transport: Old Street tube
Price: Around £40 for two.
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Oh my, the dead hippie burger... Others have said it before, and I can only agree: It is amazing and one of the best in London. 

The chicken wings with blue cheese, hippie fries and cocktails are also phenomenal. 

Staff have always been lovely and the atmosphere is great. It can get pretty loud when it's completely full, but turn up early and it's more chilled.

It may be tricky getting a table at certain times, but you can either turn up early or even book a table in a room by the side. The main room may be a bit more excited and spacious, but at least you can count on that burger! 

Ioanna La

I have tried many burgers so far. I LOVE burgers. I have been to this place multiple times and I consider it as one of the best burgers in London. I fell in love with dead hippie burger! Buffalo chicken burger is an awesome alternative. A friend of mine who is vegetarian once tried the haloumi one and he really enjoyed it. Ohhhh and three words: Dead Hippie Fries!! This is like heaven on earth, in a mouthful. Really! It's the guiltiest pleasure of all. The sin you'll do again and again. I really like that grungy decoration, especially the glass ceiling. It works as a time-travelling or whatever, I love the whole atmosphere, the music, the whole concept, everything. Both rooms are amazing. Staff is pleasant, food comes fast. It's ideal to meet there with friends, eat some really good fast food and have some fun :) If you are able to move after all that food, take some shots in the photo booth!


Love the relaxed atmosphere, little dj booth upstairs, converted church vibes, kind waiters and of course- the food.
Dead Hippie chips- <3 <3 <3

Emma S

Meat Mission is great for almost any occasion. Whilst I can’t think of anywhere worse to go on a first date, what with shared trays of food, a distinctive lack of cutlery and a mass of greasy finger foods, for a friend’s birthday or casual meal out, it’s the perfect setting for a great evening in good company. For around £20 you can get a rather delicious burger, several sides and a bottle of bubbly to share if you so fancy. Besides the good food and cocktails, the venue itself is pretty cool too, the staff are friendly and it has a different vibe to most other restaurants. All in all, I’d highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good food, tasty cocktails and somewhere a bit different to your ordinary, run-of-the-mill chain-style restaurant.

Carly-Ann Clements
Staff Writer

I have a love hate relationship with Meat Mission. While I’m there, I hate myself and the food – well, after the first five mouthfuls – but then I leave and two days later, I’m craving the boneless chicken wings I couldn’t even finish in the first place. It’s such heavy food that the side dishes are pretty much enough to fill you up but your meal gets quite boring if you do that.

The venue itself is really quite something though. The cavernous feel makes it feel dank yet airy at the same time and it feels a bit naughty to sit in a building that was a mission in a previous life to eat disgustingly unhealthy food and drink a cocktail but that’s only a good thing in my books.

Daniele Cabral Frade


I had been to Meat Liquor on Bond Street a few times. I love the food there! It is tasty and the portions massive. I decided to take a friend to Meat Mission in Hoxton to introduce her to the wonders of loads of tasty meat. The place is lighter than Meat Liquor, which is good so we can easily read the menu, and it seems to be a bit smaller. We were sat in between two sets of friends. Sitting in the middle of the restaurant equals being a bit squashed and sharing your private conversation with strangers. The menu seemed a bit different; it had more alcohol than food. It didn't have the super yummy fries with cheese for example. I ordered the gigantic chilly dog, my friend ordered a cheese burger and one bowl of fries to share. The waitress bought us two fries. I told her I only ordered one and she took it away. No drama. We finished eating and fancied some cocktails. I asked for the menu and they got me the bill. My friend and I got a bit put off by it and decided to go elsewhere for cocktails. We paid the bill in cash: it had an optional service charge and an optional donation for charity. They don't mention the name of the 'charity'. We paid for the service charge but not for the charity. So our lovely waitress came over saying the bill was £1 short. How was it short if it was an optional donation? The service wasn't good. The waitresses act like they are too cool to serve us; also, the table setting can make it feel a bit overcrowded. The food was good but if going back there means to be squashed between other customers and being served by someone who thinks she is too cool to bring you food, I would rather travel all the way to Bond Street and have the full package: food and customer service.