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Ming Tang Evans

Serving the veggie massive for more than a quarter of a century, Mildreds has earned the right to call itself a Soho institution. There’s a no-bookings policy, so expect a lively queue hovering around the front bar area (where you can be seated reasonably quickly) and an even longer wait for a (shared) table in the cosy restaurant beyond. The welcome is warm, the vibes good and the menu inventive, drawing on Asian and Middle Eastern dishes to impressive effect: gyoza dumplings with a mirin and soy sauce were well textured and tasty, and the substantial burrito special was equally satisfying, though our ‘burger’ (daily changing) was disappointingly squishy. Creative desserts are worth making room for and, like the mains, include vegan and gluten-free options, such as the delicious-sounding persian lemon, almond and pistachio polenta cake with rose petal syrup. Being virtuous has never been so much fun; even the wine, coffee, tea and milk are organic. Service is perky yet relaxed, ensuring that this place will surely remain on the hot list of every vegetarian (and their equally happy non-vegetarian friends) for another 25 years.


Venue name: Mildreds
Address: 45 Lexington Street
Opening hours: Meals served noon-11pm Mon-Sat
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus tube
Price: Main courses £8.10-£10.50

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1.7 / 5

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Johan van der Merwe
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Having recently moved back from Brighton to London, we were keen to find a good vegetarian restaurant. Yesterday was our second visit to Mildred's, which I would call a cafe, rather than a restaurant. On both occasions we were blown away by how unfriendly the staff were. Yesterday the young lady in front couldn't even bother to walk us to a table, instead gesturing towards the back for us to make our own way there, only to be left standing there as two other members of staff did pretty much the same thing. The guy who took our order, was the first and only person during both visits who a actually made us feel welcome. The other two yesterday, were just robots. My partner ordered a burger, with sweet potato fries, and I had sweet potato and broad bean curry. Our food arrived shortly after our drinks, which was surprising. Was it cooked to order, or simply microwaved? If only, both our meals were cold and the sweet potato fries, had clearly been cooked much earlier. The guy who served our meals was as cold as the food. Our food was taken back, and re-appeared, this time piping hot. The food on both occasions have been average, no more. Presentation scores 2 out of 10. I was rather surprised that on receiving our bill, no one had really offered an apology, or even a coffee on the house. On leaving I mentioned it to the one lady who had served our drinks. She offered to call the manager but as we were in a hurry, she asked for my email address. She whipped a pen out that was wedged in her hair for me to use. Nice touch I thought. It's now been a day later and I've not heard from the manager. Perhaps we've been spoilt by the vegetarian restaurants in Brighton, as Terre a Terre is our benchmark of what veggie food can taste and look like. My advice, get on a train to Brighton and eat at Terre a Terre. Even AA Gill rates it very highly.

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Considering the reputation this restaurant in the hear of Soho has gained during the years I wanted to try it myself. I heard enthusiastic comments about it so, in my mind, it was a sure shot. I was wrong, very wrong. I had a dish of curry with rice and some sweet potatoes, my friend had the meze mix. Starting from my dish: the potato chunks were ok but the curry was absolutely tasteless, watery and runny, the rice clearly microwaved (cold outside, piping hot inside, not many doubts about it) and the overall presentation quite poor. But my friend had the best surprise: the dish looked visually ok, nothing outstanding a bit pricey for a meze mix but still reasonable. The only thing is that he found a massive hair that looked like a chunky human hair but turned out to be a brush hair. The waiter apologized and called the manager who came explaining that the hair was coming from a brush and my friend has been offered to order something else for free and that the dish would have not been charged. He ordered a side side dish because he had lost his appetite in the meantime. But when the bill came, another surprise. They still charged the dish on the bill, they charged the service and no-one said even goodbye on out way out. Mistake happens, they shouldn't if you have such a reputation, but there are many ways to handle them. But more than the hair, more than the bill, more than the service, there are no excuse for microwaved rice. I can have at home all the times I want.

Veggie Queen
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Food is ok however service can be hit and miss. Not a comfortable nor nice environment to eat in and if you need to query/raise an issue do not expect to get resolution readily or easier. Customer Service seriously lacking.

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SHOCKING ..... rude rude rude..... honestly i will not want to give them the time of day or the change from my pocket. They have no comprehension of service or indeed basic manners. if you fancy overpriced food with a side portion of arrogant attitude swing by to Mildred's

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disgustingly RUDE. it is just bizarre to think they can get away with it.... charm school evaded the front of house staff, instead they managed to fall out of the arrogant tree and ht eery branch on the way down. Well done Mildred's for be a shining example of how NOT to do it.

Manic P

Unfortunately, myself and my husband were not at all impressed with Mildred's and we would advise that you seek an alternative vegetarian restaurant. Here’s our story:

To celebrate my birthday last wednesday (3/9/14), my husband took me here for dinner in the evening. It all started out well, we were immediately shown to a table and the waitress (who will remain nameless) took our order of two “mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pies with mushy peas and fries or mash” and two “carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger fresh organic juices.” The waitress asked us if we wanted regular chips or sweet potato chips with our meal so we chose one of each. Immediately within 5 minutes, we were given our mushroom pies. In terms of flavour, our food was tasty. However, the pastry was really quite thin and disappointing - it needed to be a bit more substantial to soak up all the mushroom sauce filling. The sweet potato chips had a rubbery skin on one side, but tasty enough. After 40 minutes of waiting for our juices (and being quite parched from finishing the tap water earlier on) we finally tracked down our waitress and asked her where our juices had got to. Off she went, returning later to tell us that they had run out of apples and the chef hadn't told her! She asked us if we would like the same juice but made with oranges instead of apples, so off she goes again to place our order. By this stage, we had finished our main course and we were very thirsty. Finally, our juices turned up made with just orange and carrot juice, without the beetroot and ginger i.e. a bit bland and disappointing to what we had hoped for. We complained to our waitress and she said she would have a word with the Manager and try to sort something out. This never came to fruition. In fact, she vanished and we had to track down another waiter to place our dessert order and ask for our water to be refilled. Unfortunately we were not very impressed with the dessert menu. We had visited Mildred’s a couple of years before and they used to do a delicious vegan Chocolate Torte with a raspberry centre. Very sadly, this is no longer on the menu. Instead there is a “chocolate peanut butter brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce”, which for £6.50 for what is basically a brownie that is so easy to make, we didn’t think was worth it - even for my birthday! So after feeling quite disappointed about the appalling service, the pastry on the pie, the rubbery chips and the lack of a nice vegan chocolate pudding we decided to call it a night and asked for the bill. When the bill turned up we had been charged extra for the sweet potato chips (which our waitress had never indicated would be the case e.g. “would you like to upgrade to the sweet potato chips”) and we were not given a discount on the juices, even though we had complained and our waitress said that she would sort something out. Therefore, we left in disgust without paying a tip and as a result will never return after this very disappointing birthday experience.

I emailed the restaurant Thursday morning and have received an apology admitting that they had made a “hash of things.” However, no incentive to return has been given so we won’t be going back. There are plenty of other vegetarian restaurants in London that I would rather give my business to (222 for example) and I suggest with Mildred’s, that you don’t take the risk, especially for a special occasion or celebration.

PS – QUITE IMPORTANT ADDITION TO ALL THIS: I forgot to mention that I woke up just after 2am with terrible stomach pains and had to make a mad dash to the loo. I won’t go into the gruesome details but my toilet experience was HORRENDOUS! This continued all day on and off on the Thursday. My husband started feeling ill just before breakfast on Thursday and he’s been suffering with bad stomach pains too. His has cleared up, but I’ve only just started feeling better (Friday). We suspect we may have had food poisoning from the mushroom and ale pies (since we both had the same thing). Strangely, the pies were put on our table extremely quickly (literally 5 minutes after we had placed our order) so maybe they had been made in advance and had been left lying around and then heated up in the microwave? Who knows. Anyway, we definitely won’t be going back. Too risky!!!! Good luck if you go!


this is one of my favorite places in london, the food is really good and while im always a little skeptical of places that serve a range of world cuisines, everything I have tasted here, from burritos to laksa to burgers has been delicious! it has friendly funny staff, nice lighting and really buzzy atmosphere. It is a great place to go with a vegetarian date.


Great food, the final bill was more than expected. However, meal was ruined by the service. Our meal took almost 45 minutes to arrive. When we asked the server finally about our food - we were rudely told that it had only been 15 and to wait patiently. After that it was impossible to get any service at all.