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New branches doff their beret to the vintage interior of the original, but never achieve its quirky, Toulouse-Lautrec warmth. Here you’re as likely to find yourself sitting next to Hermès-bedecked ladies as Soho-ites or businessmen killing time between meetings. Cappuccino came with a thick layer of foam as distinct as the layers of the garishly decorated gateaux in the counter display. A big pile of moist tuna and plump white anchovies featured in a generous salade niçoise – though grey rings around the egg yolks are never a pleasant sight. Custard doughnut had a glazed plastic look and bubble-gum flavour, but was made from good light dough and decent crème pâtissière.

Venue name: Pâtisserie Valerie
Address: 44 Old Compton Street
Opening hours: Open 7.30am-9pm Mon, Tue; 7.30am-11pm Wed-Sat; 9am-9pm Sun.
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus or Tottenham Court Road tube
Price: Main courses £3.75-£8.25.
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Tara P

We popped into Patisserie Valerie's Soho branch for a quick drink and snack. 

The food was adequate and the tea was fine. Sadly the service was glacially slow, as the waiting staff were completely overworked. We were ignored for the first five minutes and then tea and cake took a further fifteen minutes to arrive. 

Unlikely to return - except maybe for takeaway.  

Kun Sang K

I bought 2 cakes last month and another birthday was arrived so we bought total three chocolate cakes within a month at Chiswick branch. At this time my children did not eat the cake after one bite with saying “Something wrong”. So we tasted it and went Chiswick branch to return it.

When I went to the shop and said to the manager ‘I bought 3 cakes within a month and this cake was something wrong,  she just contacted their head office without tasting the cake and said to me ‘leave me contact number’, so I said to her ‘what about this cake? She replied ‘I cannot do nothing about the cake’.  Head office requested send photos and my contact detail to them. It means they did not try to check the cake but they just suspected me as someone who exchanged the cake. I was so disappointed to their attitude for their customers. I thought if I was English customers how they treated me? My feeling was I was just ignored as a racial discrimination. So I said again ‘This is not first time. We used to buy cakes here at least 5-10 cakes per a year. More over we bought same chocolate cakes within a month three times and my children said something wrong’.

But the manager continued to say to me ‘I cannot do nothing about the cake just leave the contact number’ so I asked ‘when did you make this cake’ she replied ‘2 days ago’ I said if I knew the cake was not made today I would not buy the cake here. I just left the cake and gave my contact number.

The horrible experience is that they contacted me by phone and left the massage to contact them so I sent email to them with some explanation, but they did not reply to me yet. This kind of arrogant from Patisserie Valeri and the feeling of ignorance made me so angry. I will never buy the cake from Patissrie Valeri. 


I came here to experience traditional English tea with scones and clotted cream and instead we were served with a tea pot that looked like it had been pulled out of a toilet bowl and the clotted cream tasted and melted like butter! In all I would avoid this place, management don't appear to be bothered at the lack of courteous service so I certainly won't be coming here again.


Queensway branch: 

To start off with you are treated like a burden the minute you walk in. Once you have managed to get the waiter/ess attention and order you are given dirty pots, plate& cutlery with a side order of attitude. They serve one person whilst the other waits. The person you are with isn't served until you remind them. I ordered my favorite English cream tea, I've had my fair share so I know what cream tea should be like. I was served with what looked like mini cakes made out to be scones & awful curdled whipped cream and butter disguised as clotted cream. When I put the mixture on the scone it actually split! grease and lumps. I immediately lost my appetite! when I told the waitress, she informed me that I was terribly wrong and walked away. At this point we gave the mess that had become of our cream tea back, paid and left. Not worth your time or money!  


Horrible experience at this restuarant. During my last visit at you restaurant, I ordered Mediterranean Lasagne for the first time which is clearly listed as vegetarian. And, when I began eating the lasagne, I noticed something did not feel right. After couple of mouthfuls, I called the waiter and asked if the lasagne was vegetarian. The waiter had one look and said, it looks like beef one. I was horrified and felt very sick and nauseous. This was my first real day out with my family and my new baby and it had been ruined by some careless chef. I cannot explain in words how much pain and mental agony this incident has caused me. When I spoke to the manager, the only excuse that manager provided was that chef had made a mistake as the bowl had been labelled incorrectly. He was apologetic, but I don't think he was apologetic enough as we were made to pay our bills in spite of this mistake on part of Patisserie Valerie which spoiled my next few days. We were offered a complementary pudding, which I could not eat as I was feeling too sick. I think that PV sensitise its chefs and managers to different religious and ethnic tastes and make them appreciate that some accidents can't be mitigated by pretending that it has never happened and will never happen. Also, maybe, they should introduce more rigorous standards in labelling, and again, make chefs understand errors like this are highly damaging to individuals and your reputation in long run. I believe that, unfortunately, their customer service is well below accepted standards. Even though I was served meat, which caused considerable distress and ruined my next few days, I was made to pay the bill and my only consolation was a pudding which I could not eat anyway. I am disappointed in general with how things were handled after this incident in Patisserie Valerie. I will never recommend this chain or go there again.