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It’s unsettling to walk along the Regent’s Canal towpath to find loiterers grinning at you – until, that is, you’re close enough to see the quality of their funk-goth nail polish, admire the luxuriance of their bandido moustaches and be warmed by their solar-flare strength hospitality, for they are this new bar-café’s greeters.

The Proud Archivist seems out of scale with its setting, and buzzes with dressed-down fashionables. A short brunch menu of pumpkin hash or pancakes with maple syrup and caramelised apples was being prepared in an open kitchen on our weekend visit. Drinks covered an appealing range, from lattes to mulled wines and ciders.

The food wasn’t yet up to the mark: only the cucumber of the trio of trendy pickles that accompanied our sausage bagel had any bite, while a fragment of shell was found in our eggs florentine. Still, we’ll return for an events programme that runs from ‘wine clinic’ to a performance by legendary guitarist John Etheridge.

Weekdays: Breakfast 8-11.30am. Lunch noon-3.30pm. Dinner 6-10pm. Weekends: Brunch 8am-4pm; Dinner 6-10pm.

Venue name: Proud Archivist
Address: 2-10 Hertford Rd
N1 5ET
Transport: Haggerston Overground

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naomi thompson
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The proud archivist is joke of an establishment. They are completely confused about what they are trying to do. They never change the exhibition despite selling themselves as an art space. They charge £3 for a badly brewed cup of tea and treat their staff really badly. Don't go there! The pompous pretencious nature of the place is bound to put you off your over priced, tiny plate of food.

Gavin C
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Unfortunately another case of style over substance. I run past The Proud Archivist at least twice a week on my regular route.Each time, I’m quite eager to check out this café as it looks great from a design perspective.Unfortunately I won’t be returning in a hurry. On arrival, we had to wait outside in a queue to enter, only to find out it was half empty inside.. It seems this was done to create ‘hype’!You can only get away with this model if the food is great, and the service is prompt and organised, none of which applied to this café.

Once seated, we waited for 45 minutes just for our drinks.The waiters ran round like headless chickens consistently delivering wrong orders to us (I would hate to imagine what it’s like if it’s actually busy!).  I ordered a simple fresh pink grapefruit.. which was neither fresh, nor pink!  If I wanted carton grapefruit I can go to Tesco's and drink it on the canal outside!  It was no surprise that our bill was incorrect too.

The location is fantastic and the interior design/layout make it a very attractive establishment.. however it is let down by poor service/management and cheap ingredients with premium prices.

Toby K
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This is a pricey restaurant with a small and familiar menu (hamburgers, pork belly - gastro pub fare). Its selling point is that it overlooks Regents Canal, which is by far its best asset.

The dinner was a disaster for us - slow service, a lukewarm main course, followed by a mint tea served in a bizarre kettle that exploded over my Mrs., scalding her hands. When we asked for the tea to be taken off the bill, an interminable fuss ensued - eventually an unapologetic manager came over to tell us the food couldn't possibly have been lukewarm and implied that it was our fault that the kettle had exploded. He offered no reduction or goodwill gesture other than an invitation to one of their events, which as far as I can tell are free anyway! By the time we left, we had been there for 2 1/2 hours, about 45 minutes of which had been taken up with taking the wretched £2.80 mint tea off the bill!

If you desperately want to visit the place, just go for a drink. If you want dinner there are now so many good restaurants in East London, all of which beat the Proud Archivist on price, food and (their non-existent) service, that you really have no reason to go anywhere near it.

The Man on the Street

Well I have just looked at all the one star reviews below and wonder if I was in the same place. Tonight I attended the opening of the Acoustic East festival. Five acts performed and each had me wanting more. Highlights were the opening and closing sets from Minnie Birch and Jake Morley. Some of the best live music I have seen in a long time. I found the bar staff to be friendly , but did not eat so can't make comments on the food. One thing is for sure. I am going back to another Acoustic East gig and just hope its as good as tonight.

Kirsten B

I'm not sure why I keep coming back here. Maybe it's the fact that the venue is lovely and is located on a great spot on the canal. Other than that, it doesn't have much going for it.

Go for a drink, but certainly not the food, or the service. All the staff act as if you are a nuisance for being there. On top of that, the food is consistently bad. I had a chicken BLT, but kept thinking I could have gotten something a lot tastier at Pret, for half the price. I didn't both to finish it!

Rebecca T

Absolutely appalling customer service and experience at the Proud Archivist. Took three attempts to actually have my booking with them, given that on two occasions they 'hadn't had their delivery' so couldn't serve the menu, plus incompetent staff dealing with the bookings. On the occasion that we did visit, our experience lurched from one disaster to another, mostly concerning the most arrogant and unpleasant chef, whose actions ranged from saying he couldn't give us dishes on the menu, cooking our steaks incorrectly and giving us completely the wrong orders for dessert, thinking that we wouldn't realise. I have since written to complain to the Proud Archivist, but had no response

Beth Alexander


I had brunch here which took a long time to arrive despite having numerous waiting staff. The food was basic when it arrived

Sarah R

Sometimes, in my deepest and darkest hours, when I can't imagine anything being worse than my inky black soul, I come here. I take solace in the experience; no matter how often I fail, nor how vast the some consequences of my inadequacy and ineptitudes as a pedeatric cardiac surgeon may be, I will never, ever be as awful as the proud archivist.

Larysa O

This place is THE event horizon for service, and an exceptionally exquisite fallacy of nomenclature. It is neither an archive, not does it boast much to be proud of. In fact, try as I might, 

I don't think any scientific experiment, no matter how far fetched, could discover a single thing it could be proud of. (Except perhaps, it's exceptionally beautiful, and devolutionarily below unskilled, no skilled staff, resplendent in unsuited-to-task Acne attire). 

I mean, it's statistical improbable to genuinely fear death by dehydration while staring at a cocktail bar. (We needed  to leave before our cocktail could be molecularly-restructured then make the heroic trip from the bar to our table. DON'T JUDGE US, we only have 80 earth years left to live). 

Rare as this event may have been, they doubled down on their statistical improbability by providing the exceptionally bespoke service of taking longer to remove said undelivered cocktail from our bill, than we had waited for the actual non-arrival of the cocktail. We then had to leave the poor waiter with a portion of the bill (we'd received a tea, which may have been due to a rare tear in the time space continuum, as service there is a genuine metaphysical anomaly). 

The poor waiter stared at us tearfully, panicked in his beautifully draped garments, but we simply couldn't wait any longer, mortality has its temporal limits. It took us over an hour not to have a cocktail.... at a cocktail bar. 

I suspect that's more rare than fleeting glimpses of dark matter.

0 of 2 found helpful

Brilliant food - Especially talking about their evening menu here. Fresh and seasonal ingredients, limited menu with home made dished. No ready-meal. Very friendly staff and great effort in organising different kind of events (quizz, live music, yoga sessions, etc) Overall great place that does not deserve to be rated only based on their brunch. I think.